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Tony Deyes

November 14th, 2018


NewBridge Global Ventures, Inc.  (OTCQB: NBGV) is a US public company acquiring and operating a vertically integrated portfolio of California cannabis and hemp companies. Its vertical structure includes cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and consulting services. It is currently licensed to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute both medical and recreational cannabis in the California market, the largest in the world.

On November 6th, the company announced its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Bay Clonery LLC, has  started development on an industrial-scale tissue culture production process exclusive to cannabis, which it expects to be operational during Q1, 2019.

Tissue Culture Provides Clear Benefits

Tissue culture, also called micropropagation, is a process whereby cells containing the genetic code of an existing plant are isolated, often heat treated to eliminate disease, and used to produce exact clones of the plant from which they originated. The process has been used to produce consistent, disease-resistant agricultural crops for decades, but it’s relatively new to the burgeoning cannabis and industrial hemp industries. The Bay Clonery Project applies this same process on an industrial scale and tailored to cannabis and hemp, with standardizations for plants grown in accordance with the set of practices (SOP’s) which can be reproduced, freeing plants of pathogens and pesticides, and preventing the considerable losses incurred as a result of diseased crops.

The Bay Clonery Tissue Culture Lab will produce pathogen-free, disease-resistant plants from tissue culture, cultivate mature plants with specific THC & CBD content, terpene profiles, and other strain-specific traits, enabling product uniformity and standardization within the industry.

The company will collaborate with breeders and seed banks to preserve the most promising genetics and proprietary cannabis & hemp strains by archiving them in a library which will not only allow for testing and cross-breeding, but also isolate the compounds most desirable for medical purposes. The advancement of tissue culture science specific to cannabis & hemp will optimize production capability, preserve genetics, and reduce the pathogen risks associated with traditional industrial-scale cannabis & hemp operations, increasing both quality and efficiency at a time of greatly increased demand.

Interim President of NewBridge, Bob Bench explains, “By focusing on the nursery part of the supply chain – curating and helping create new genetics and mass-producing those genetics – The Bay Clonery Project helps growers feel more confident about the quality of the plants they receive and be more efficient in their production. By using genomics and breeding as a tool, the company produces plants free of disease, deliver varieties that have better agronomic traits and create higher yields. In doing so, we help increase a grower’s profit, reduce its risk, and create new products. Overall, The Bay Clonery Project helps a grower strengthen and expand its cultivation operations and is illustrative of the quality of NewBridge Global Ventures’ fully integrated vertical cannabis platform.”

The Bay Clonery is currently building-out a 5,000 square foot company-owned facility inside a 45,000 square foot compound in Santa Rosa, CA which will contain the tissue culture lab as well as its nursery, which will have the capacity to produce more than 100,000 clones per month. The company’s genetic clone library will enable the testing of strains that show promise.

Existing Portfolio

NewBridge Global Ventures’ portfolio also includes six other subsidiaries:

Roots of Caly is building a state-of-the-art facility on Company owned property located in the “green zone” of Oakland, CA and will operate under the dba “Roots Nursery”. Once operational, Roots Nursery should have the capacity to produce more than 65,000 clones each month. Roots Nursery will work closely with The Bay Clonery to create an unparalleled line of clones.

5Leaf is positioning itself to be a leading cannabis and industrial hemp manufacturer of Full Spectrum Oils (“FSO”) distillate as well as THC isolates and strain specific terpenes for local craft cannabis cultivators, recreational and medical brands, and potential R&D by pharmaceutical companies.

Mad Creek Farm is a 27-acre company-owned farm in Mendocino, California, which will eventually host two state of the art indoor greenhouses totaling 15,000 square feet, designed to produce 5,000 pounds of biomass per year. Mad Creek expects to be be fully operational in Q2 of 2019.

Genus Management Group is an Oakland-based management services company integral to the operations of 5Leaf, Roots Nursery, Mad Creek Farm and The Bay Clonery. With over 45 years of collective experience building successful and compliant California cannabis companies, it is uniquely positioned to provide consulting services to cultivators, processors, and retail brands in all areas of industry-specific business development.

Green Thumb Distributors will operate as the company’s compliant cannabis distribution company. With 45 years of combined experience, its leadership team has built relationships with industry leaders and pioneers, and will provide distribution services to cannabis & hemp entrepreneurs who may not want or be able to bear the high costs of regulations. Additionally, GTD will be home to the company’s R & D department.

Elevated Education educates physicians, clinicians, healthcare insurers, public servants, educators, and cannabis industry professionals worldwide on a range of subjects, such as the human endocannabinoid system, pharmacology, and effective clinical applications for medical marijuana.

The Upshot

With an experienced management team and a focus on compliance, industry best practices, standardization, and corporate governance, NewBridge Global Ventures is well positioned for rapid growth in California’s enormous legal cannabis market and the industrial hemp industry, as well as planned expansions and acquisitions throughout the US and international legal markets. The addition of industrial-scale tissue culture adds diversity to the company and attacks a foundational issue for the industry as a whole.

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