After legalizing the distribution of Cannabis licenses to several businesses, Cannabis sales are... Will New Zealand Pass the Referendum on Cannabis Legalization?

After legalizing the distribution of Cannabis licenses to several businesses, Cannabis sales are increasing day by day. When the selling of Cannabis increased at that time, people of New Zealand decided whether they want the recreation of Cannabis production in their country or not. They decided in the general election by simply stating “yes” or “no” if they want to legalize Cannabis in their country.

Next year there will be elections held in New Zealand for the new government. At that time it will be decided if people want marijuana to be legal in New Zealand or not.

At first, marijuana was considered as one of the most abused drugs. But due to the health benefits of Marijuana, the government is deciding to again legalize the use of the Marijuana in several states of New Zealand. But this can only happen when the people are casting their “yes” votes in the next election.

When they vote for their next government, New Zealanders will also check a box to either support or oppose the regulated adult-use marijuana industry. Justice Minister Andrew Little declared that the vote will be binding, but it will be up to the next administration to enact it after gaining power.

“The voters’ choice will be binding because of all of the parties that make up the current
The government has committed to abide by the outcome,” he said.

Age in which the people can use Marijuana products

The people who are using marijuana products should be at the legal age of 20. Otherwise, it should be illegal if a person under the age of 20 is using the products or even possesses marijuana products. All marijuana products are considered as one of the most psychoactive drugs from which people get high after its consumption.

After regular usage, in some cases, people also get addicted to it. There are also some kids who have died due to the usage of marijuana plants. So, after they become 20, people can purchase the marijuana plant.

How many peoples in New Zealand is with Marijuana products?

In New Zealand, almost 60% of people want Marijuana products to be legalized in New Zealand. The rest of the people are not in favor of legalizing marijuana in New Zealand due to the drugs past abuse.

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