A Small But Critical Step in Global Pot Trade Expansion The reason so many investors are excited about pot stocks has less to... Why Green Fever Spreading to Malta’s a Major Win for Pot Stocks
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A Small But Critical Step in Global Pot Trade Expansion

The reason so many investors are excited about pot stocks has less to do with the current pot markets available and more to do with the future of the marijuana industry.

Marijuana stocks are not designed to operate only in Canada and a select few U.S. states. Instead, they have their sights set on the entire world.

That’s why marijuana international expansion is the most important thing to watch for pot investors. When it hits critical mass, we’re going to see exponential growth among marijuana stocks, and many people who bought in early will get rich.

While we’ve long discussed just how important international marijuana expansion is, we’ve had another recent step towards that goal.


Malta has announced that it plans to enter the marijuana industry by shipping $1.4 billion in medical cannabis products by 2023. (Source: “Malta to export $1.4 billion of medical marijuana by 2023,” The Growth Op, September 30, 2019.)

Near the end of his visit to Canada and the U.S., Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told Television Malta (TVM) that: “Exportation will begin in the first quarter of next year. We are estimating that exports by Year 3 of these companies will reach more than one billion Euro and that 900 jobs will be made available, however, we can attract even more players in this respect.” (Source: Ibid.)

Muscat further added that he is confident that Canadian marijuana companies will seek out Maltese pot producers and help establish the country’s weed trade.

Prime Minister Muscat also mentioned that this entry into the marijuana industry will spur economic connection between the small Mediterranean nation and North America, saying that the “strongest interest we found in New York was in the financial services sector.”

All of this is good news. And marijuana investors should watch for marijuana stocks that are able to establish a foothold in Malta as the pot industry gets off the ground there. When an industry has that kind of support at its back from major political figures, it’s usually a recipe for success.

But Malta is a small nation, and $1.4 billion—while a decent sum—is not what we’re excited about.

Instead, we’re excited that this marks yet another country catching green fever.

As marijuana continually gains traction and legitimacy around the globe, more and more countries are going to be wary of being left out of a fast-growing industry with huge potential for economic and job growth. That’s a hard combination to pass up for politicians.

The result, of course, is the rapid expansion of marijuana around the world. And that would lead to massive growth in marijuana stocks. It’s a simple and inevitable process, one where the only real question is…”when?” 

Analyst Take

Malta, Canada, many parts of the EU, D.C. and 11 American states…all these places have to one degree or another embraced marijuana. And that’s not including the many other nations around the globe that have opened themselves to some form of pot.

The momentum, in other words, is gaining for marijuana to be globally accepted. When that happens, expect to see massive gains across the board for marijuana stocks as they are truly able to tap into the multi-billion-dollar market that is just waiting to be accessed.

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