The cannabis industry has seen a massive boom takeover the market over... What’s it Like Working in The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has seen a massive boom takeover the market over the course of the past few years. With so many new legal initiatives occurring throughout the industry in North America and beyond, the job opportunities seem to be endless. Some studies have shown that the worldwide cannabis industry is worth as much as $50 billion which should continue to grow as we move toward the future. Of course, with so many new businesses springing up, finding a job should be easier than ever.

One of the most popular positions in the cannabis industry is known as the budtender. These people, as the name suggests, are the frontline operators to a cannabis business. They stand to know the most about the plant and can make suggestions about what to buy, and what purpose different cannabis products have.

Those who work in the marijuana industry could potentially make as much as $35-40 thousand in the first year alone being a budtender. One of the things that have been changing rapidly about the industry is the atmosphere of buying and selling cannabis. This atmosphere has completely shifted to being a professional workspace filled with less tie-dye and sunglasses than ever before.

Some requirements for being a budtender are that they are enthusiastic about the product they are selling. Of course, those who wish to sell cannabis should also be a people person, which goes without saying for any front facing job.

Karson Humiston, founder of a cannabis recruiting agency stated that “there are definitely risks involved in switching into this industry. There could be a federal crackdown, in which people would lose their jobs.” This is one of the main issues in the cannabis space. Many people fear that the industry will become more illegal than it is now, but this fear is less warranted than in years prior. States now have more control than ever before, which means that the fear of losing a job is less of a reality than in previous times.

Employment in the industry is growing at a very quick pace which means that certain markets should be more viable than ever. Of course, many think of California and Oregon as two of the main hearths of cannabis jobs in the world and those people would be right, but on the other hand, different legal markets around the world are continuing to pop up. This means that if one has a knack for working in the marijuana industry, they may be able to work internationally as long as the law permits.

The various skills associated with being in the marijuana industry are quite normal compared to other sales jobs, so as long as one is willing to learn, they should be able to enter the market. As the industry continues to grow in the next few years, there will likely be more jobs than ever and more room for new faces to continue to fill the empty spaces. Until then, cannabis is working to build upon its most recent boom.

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