The marijuana industry has been booming over the course of the past several... What the Future of CBD Infused Marijuana Stocks Looks Like

The marijuana industry has been booming over the course of the past several years. With so much changing so quickly it seems as though the companies leading the charge are the ones that have managed to innovate the most. One of these innovations has been the entrance of CBD-infused cannabis products into the market overall.

Many companies see the gains that can be made by producing these products as well as the benefits that they pose to potential customers. While CBD has a massive amount of potential on the medical side of the industry, it also has very large implications for the recreational aspect of the industry as well. All in all, companies that are managing to get into this side of the market seem to have a good shot at advancing into the future.

Nabis Holdings (INNPF/NAB) is one of the preeminent Canadian investment issuers working in the cannabis market to date. The company may have hands in various aspects of the industry, but recently they have shown a large amount of interest and focus in the CBD or cannabidiol sector.

One thing of note comes from the fact that the two co-founders of Nabis Holdings, previously founded the company MPX Bioceutical. MPX Bioceutical to date had one of the largest takeovers in the U.S. cannabis space. This just goes to show how much experience the team at Nabis Holdings has in this side of the industry.

Recently, Nabis Holdings announced that they have entered into a binding letter of intent with the company Hivemind Refinery to hold a 70% interest. The investment into Hivemind will help Nabis Holdings to move deeper into the CBD market as they are a producer of various CBD-based wellness products. These products include everything from edibles, water, drops, lotions and more which are all being used by consumers across both the medicinal and recreational side of the market.

Because of the passing of the Farm Bill in the U.S., it seems as though companies are now more comfortable than ever producing products utilizing CBD within them. The partnership between Nabis Holdings and Hivemind Refinery is just another example of the synergy that can occur when two companies come together. Nabis Holdings remains an interesting company to watch over the course of the next few years in the industry.

Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ) may not be a pure play cannabis company, but they have managed to enter the market in quite a sizable way. The company several months ago decided to put in a $4 billion investment into Canopy Growth to begin the production of cannabis-infused beverages.

This was only the start of the cannabis and CBD infused beverage lines, but it seems as though the pair are well on the way to producing results. Constellation Brands is by no means a company that solely works in marijuana, but they do present an opportunity to investors that don’t want to carry the full risk of investing in pure-play weed stocks.

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