The Canadian cannabis market has been leading the fight on marijuana reform for some time now, but given the recent additions to their legislation... What the Future of Cannabis Will Look Like

The Canadian cannabis market has been leading the fight on marijuana reform for some time now, but given the recent additions to their legislation allowing for recreational use nationwide, it seems as though this is just the beginning for the industry. Many new companies have managed to come into the space given the large amounts of capital flooding in from new investors. All of these factors are coming together to continue making the cannabis industry extremely enticing for investors.

Over the past few years, the marijuana market has been able to develop to more than anyone ever thought it could. With this new development in growing the raw cannabis plant, many companies have come to the space offering new solutions for the actual consumption of the cannabis plant. One of the main companies that has been part of the sector for some time now has been Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC). Canopy Growth has notwithstanding the past week or so, managed to climb by a large amount in value and growth over the past few years. The CEO of the company recently stated that investors have had some concern over the past month or so, but this should all be ironed out in the next coming weeks as the market on cannabis is able to stabilize to some extent.

Many companies have come into this space offering new ways to consume the raw cannabis plant whether it be through innovative devices or through the use of oils, tinctures, edibles and more. This side of the industry is present in the greatest degree throughout Canada right now, as new companies come to the forefront of offering new solutions to old problems.

A large amount of investments have been pouring into the cannabis industry over the past several months to years. Much of these investments are now coming from beverage industries as well as the distributors of many of the most popular alcohol brands we know. The California beer company known as Lagunitas, recently stated that they will be announcing a cannabis-infused soft drink that could potentially be sold in various locations around California and hopefully beyond. Molson Coors has also stated that they have a large amount of interest in helping to bring this industry to fruition in the near future. The company that owns Corona Beer, Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ), has recently announced that they are going to continue investing in the future of the cannabis industry. They also have decided to purchase an almost 10% share of the company Canopy. Linton continued to state that in regard to beverages coming into the cannabis space, “it goes back a long time. We’ve been thinking about beverages as a way to mood modify and socialize. I find that people would like to have a beverage that makes them more positive, uplifted and has a feeling of having a beer or glass of wine. And the kicker is — how would you like to have zero calories?”

This positive sentiment seems to be shared quite widespread throughout the whole of the cannabis industry. As we move into the future of the market, many new companies are beginning to bring new products into the space that would not function without a large amount of capital flooding into the industry. The hopes are high that over the course of the next few years, the legal issues within the market will be able to dwindle down, allowing for the market to reach its full potential. Only time will tell how well these efforts work in the foreseeable future.

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