Americans spent $400 million on cannabis during their 4th of July purchases What is Replacing Alcohol as Americans Watch 4th of July Fireworks?
  • Americans spent $400 million on cannabis while making their 4th of July purchases
  • Over time, sales of legal cannabis for the 4th of July can be expected to surpass alcohol sales

Are we seeing a new American tradition forming along side an old one?

U.S. citizens love to commemorate 4th of July celebrations by lighting fireworks. As a Leafly article illustrates, they lit up a lot of (legal) cannabis while watching those fireworks – $400 million in cannabis sales, to be more precise.

Could it be that Americans are beginning to discover that the mildly psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are a better companion to fireworks than the stupifying effects of alcohol?

Over the course of the 4th of July shopping week, U.S. cannabis retailers recorded $400 million in sales – a 60% increase over the national weekly average. Akerna, the tech company that reported these numbers estimates that by as soon as next year, Americans will be spending more on 4th of July cannabis than on wine purchases for this holiday.

CNBC reports that Americans spend roughly $1 billion on 4th of July fireworks.

Meanwhile, legal cannabis sales will continue to displace more and more black market sales over time. And more U.S. states will continue to legalize cannabis.

It won’t take many more years until Americans are spending more on cannabis to celebrate the 4th of July than on the fireworks themselves.

Leafly also noted that only one in four Americans currently live in a “legalization state”. Eventually, the remainder of U.S. states will also fully legalize cannabis.

When that happens, expect total legal cannabis sales for the 4th of July holiday to exceed total alcohol sales as well.

“Things go better” with pot? That marketing line is already taken. But as more and more people are exposed to legalized cannabis, it’s clear that consumers are seeing cannabis more and more as a natural, integral and safe part of holiday festivities.

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