The cannabis industry has been growing for some time now with a massive amount of propensity toward the future. Since the market is still... What a $4 Billion Cannabis Investment Means for the Industry

The cannabis industry has been growing for some time now with a massive amount of propensity toward the future. Since the market is still very much in its infancy, any events that occur usually can mean a lot for the whole of the market. The largest piece of news to hit as of recent has been the investment from Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ) into Canopy Growth Corporation (NYSE:CGC) This investment equalling over $4 billion, has meant that the stock price for Canopy jumped by around 40% during the beginning of the trading day.

The investment by Canopy is a 51% premium to the closing price of the stop as of Tuesday, but the ownership from Constellation will jump up to almost 40% as opposed to their current 10%.

Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog stated that “overall, we think Constellation’s increased stake in CGC (the largest investment to date in the cannabis space) is very positive and further accelerates another avenue of growth.” Bruce Linton, the Co-CEO of Canopy stated that Canopy is an important company, of all the Canadian names selling marijuana it refines the product and makes the product into different formulations such as soft gel caps.” This, however, is more than just another investment in the cannabis space, this is an investment on a large scale that adds to the credibility of the cannabis market overall.

The CEO of the company Tilray (TLRY), Brendan Kennedy, stated that “This industry [cannabis] is disrupting the pharmaceutical industry, cannabis is a threat to prescription based painkillers primarily opioids. It’s definitely a threat to companies in the alcohol industry who see cannabis as a substitute — it’s also a threat to some of the functional food and beverage companies who don’t look at THC as an ingredient but look at CBS as an ingredient in CBD water or CBD exercise or recovery drink.” The cannabis industry has a massive amount of potential to disrupt these other large industries by offering a patient a much better alternative to the drugs that exist now.

The cannabis market may have been around for some time now, but most of its history has been filled with a myriad of issues including legislation and some issues with it being adopted by the general public. These issues all, however, seem to be in the process of being ironed out as new companies continue to innovate the space on cannabis. One of the companies that has come in with a new way to connect the consumer with the producers and the local cannabis economy has been Leafbuyer Technologies Inc. (LBUY) Leafbuyer has been a resource for online data for everything a consumer would need to know about the cannabis space. The company has also seen a major increase in its traffic over the past year or so, which is helping to bring in more investors into the cannabis space as a whole.

Companies like the ones mentioned above have been helping greatly to up the movement in the cannabis market as we move toward the next few years. The hopes are high that the changing legislation and public perception of cannabis will combine to help the market reach its full potential in the near future.

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