Tony Deyes December 21st, 2018 News, Top News As the emerging cannabis industry continues to evolve key personnel hirings become increasingly crucial to... Weekend Unlimited Inc. Announces Appointment of President & CEO

Tony Deyes

December 21st, 2018

News, Top News

As the emerging cannabis industry continues to evolve key personnel hirings become increasingly crucial to a company’s success; cannabis lifestyle brand Weekend Unlimited, Inc. (CSE: YOLO) has made such a move. The company recently announced the appointment of Paul Chu, a proven leader in the field of consumer packaged goods, to the role of President and CEO. Paul brings over 25 years of success across a variety of industries including CBD cannabis, technology, hardware/software, food and beverage, energy, telecommunications, hospitality, and real estate, and co-founded and held leadership positions at companies in the CBD cannabis industry, including HEY MARY and Canna Candys, which Weekend Unlimited announced an LOI to acquire in November.

Paul played a leadership role at the front end of the energy drink sector as President of IDV – Hansen’s Beverage Company with the development of MONSTER Energy beverages. His experience extended from the R & D process, through the development of formulations and taste profiles, to the production, marketing, distribution and growing the brand, along with the energy drink sector throughout the US Eastern sea board, where he held the exclusive distribution rights for all Hansen’s beverages including MONSTER.

Under the leadership of founding President and CEO Cody Corrubia, 2018 was a year of steady growth and expansion for Weekend Unlimited. Kevin Ernst, Weekend Unlimited’s Corporate Director, states “Cody established the company in multiple markets including California, Canada, Jamaica, Washington State, and other legal jurisdictions in the United States with the opportunity to leverage a strong product portfolio, positioned for growth in 2019. Working with Paul to add Canna Candys to our portfolio, it became clear that he brings the leadership and experience we need to take Weekend Unlimited to the next level.”

Broad Experience

Paul Chu attended The University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and served as President of IDV – Hansen Beverage Company, where he launched the distribution network that introduced the Southern California fresh juice company to thirteen states along the northeast seaboard. He also formulated and began the “Fresh Squeezed Juice and Monster caffeinated beverage” movement in the Northeast, successfully placing product into SYSCO Foods, 7-Eleven and New York City’s Gourmet Markets.

He co-developed the first prepaid telecom platform, pioneering a digitally built and managed master distributor of mobile phones and prepayments, which generated over $750M within four years of inception, and secured the placement of products into big box retailers including Walmart, Toys R Us, and Staples. He is also the founder of HEY MARY, the first AI-driven platform for in-home personal cannabis dosing and dispensing. He served as co-founder, High Desert Group and, Boom Energy NYC, managing director of Johnny Rockets NYC, chairman and CEO, iSWIMBAND, co-Founder, Mobile123 and VIAONE Technologies, co-Founder and co-CEO, Urban Wireless, and Vice President, Regal China Cruises.

Q&A with Paul Chu

CFN Media had an opportunity to ask Mr. Chu a few questions about his appointment to Weekend Unlimited:

1) What drew you into the cannabis space?

“I am a swimmer, and my interest began because I ran out of options to alleviate pain that made me unable to swim more than 2 laps. I started applying CBD topical and also tinctures to alleviate the inflammation and pain. Well, after 2 weeks the CBD had a terrific effect upon me, I felt much better, I started swimming again. The experience motivated me to find ways for others to experience the same effect. 50 laps, here I come!”

2) What excites you most about Weekend Unlimited?

“It begins with the affiliation of my favorite part of the week into a recreational cannabis brand. Weekend Unlimited has a tremendous team of talented entrepreneurs, building strong brands in markets that matter in the nascent Cannabis industry. Working together we are establishing a strong, desirable portfolio of products to accelerate sales and build awareness. At Weekend Unlimited, it does not feel like work. I love my team.”

3) What do you see as the biggest opportunity for the edibles industry?

“The ability to fine tune dosing based on science and formulate faster onset with much higher bioavailability with tested  efficacy.”

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Paul Chu, President and CEO

Telephone: 1 (236) 317-2812 – Toll free 1(888) 556-YOLO (9656)

E-mail: [email protected]



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