Why this marijuana stock moved up big after vape company acquisition.

What your about to read is not a Seed Investor recommendation.
We’re just reviewing this story to show you how big vaping will be to the future of marijuana and how the market is finally realizing it.
The Seed Investor is actually tracking an upcoming marijuana stock “IPO” that’s as close to a pure-play in vaping as you’ll find.
More on that later though. You’re not going to want to miss it.
For now, you’ve got to see how vaping segment of the marijuana stock market is heating up fast.
The following story featuring a small Canadian marijuana company named North Bud Farms (CAN:NBUD / USA:NOBDF) is the perfect illustration.
North Bud is a relatively new entrant into the Canadian marijuana sector.
It first listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange through the reverse merger “IPO” process (which is pretty standard process for marijuana stocks) last September.
North Bud shares haven’t done much since then until a few weeks ago.
On the surface, North Bud is like a lot of other Canadian marijuana companies.
It’s building marijuana cultivation facilities in Quebec and its goal is to be fully up and running by the time edibles become legal in Canada later this year.
The company is still small too. North Bud had a market cap of just C$12 million a month ago.
But recently North Bud’s shares have doubled from the C$0.23 area to a high today of C$0.47 per share.
The catalyst for the dramatic upswing has been the acquisition of Eureka Vapor.
Eureka Vapor is a vaping product provider with operations in California and Colorado, two states where recreational marijuana use has been legalized.
After the acquisition is complete, North Bud’s will instantly have a footprint both the United States marijuana industry and the vaping sector.
These two segments – the United States and vaping — are two of the biggest opportunities in the entire marijuana industry today.
The U.S. legal marijuana market will easily be ten times larger than the Canadian marijuana market because of sheer population size differences.
And vaping is the fastest-growing segment of the marijuana industry.
As we’ve said before, in a few years vaping will be a major part of the marijuana industry for so many top reasons.
The main reasons marijuana consumers choose vaping is because it’s healthier, doesn’t smell, and can offer users a stronger/better high.
If you want to invest in marijuana stocks in 2019 and beyond, marijuana vaping stocks are the place to be.
The big run in North Bud Farm’s shares after it acquired a U.S. marijuana vape company prove the United States and vaping segments are the place to be.

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