The cannabis industry as a whole has remained wildly successful for some time now. With jumps in the tens and even hundreds of percents... These Up and Coming Cannabis Stocks Are Shocking Investors

The cannabis industry as a whole has remained wildly successful for some time now. With jumps in the tens and even hundreds of percents in the matter of a few days, it seems as though cannabis has been the investment of the future over the past few months. Many companies have continued to see growth in the space and investors have continued to take advantage of this over the course of the past year or so. As the public sentiment of cannabis continues to change and the laws throughout the world shift as well, cannabis looks likely to remain one of the most promising industries of the future.

The company Organigram Holdings (OTC: OGRMF) has continued to present investors with a large amount of potential for the future of cannabis growth in the market. The company is considered to be one of the pure-play cannabis stocks in the space, but they have also been working to make their products available via online sources and delivery. The company has been working to produce dry cannabis as well as cannabis oils within the space, but they have more recently gotten into the accessory side of the industry as well. With a great amount of exposure to the market, it seems as though Organigram is an interesting watch for the future of the market.,

Emerald Health Therapeutics (OTC:EMHTF) is another one of the key players in the market. With a market cap of around $570 million, they are one of the bigger companies in the space, but still not quite as large as the largest companies in the industry. According to one report “the company raised CAD 10 million in equity from Dundee Capital. The stock has been on an upward trend with a nearly 262% return for the one-year period.” The company is a producer of dry cannabis and cannabis oils for medicinal use, but they have been working to get into the recreational market as well. Given the state of Canadian cannabis and the impending future of recreational cannabis hitting the market on October 17th, Emerald Health should be kept an eye on by any investor in the space.

The next company on the list is also in the mid-tier of market caps for the cannabis industry. The Supreme Cannabis Company inc. (OTC:SPRWF)  has a market cap of around $440 million which puts them in the larger area of the market, but definitely not as large as some of the biggest players. According to one report “The company produces marijuana under the banner of its wholly-owned subsidiary 7Acres. In December 2017, SupremePharma changed its company name to The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc.” The company also recently announce a private placement financing deal worth around $42 million, which is expected to be used to help meet new capital demands to grow even more cannabis. The hopes are high that Supreme Cannabis can continue its walk to the top.

The last company on the list is one of the smaller guys in the industry, but one that should definitely not be overlooked by its size. GT Biopharma Inc ( GTBP ) has been working in the biotech side of the cannabis industry and has been working to produce new and innovative solutions to using cannabis compounds in modern drugs. As the biotech side of the industry continues to boom, it looks as though GTBP has the perfect amount of exposure to take advantage of this in the near future.

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