The cannabis market has been quite lucrative for some time now, but new additions to legal measures around the world and the changing public... These Marijuana Companies Are Still Under the Radar

The cannabis market has been quite lucrative for some time now, but new additions to legal measures around the world and the changing public perception of cannabis have all contributed to a fast-paced market growth. As new companies continue to innovate, it seems as though cannabis is the market of the future.

Although there is a large amount of opportunity in the pure-play cannabis space, there is an equal amount of interest for the ancillary markets associated with cannabis as well as the companies that work with cannabis extracts. One of the companies that has been on many investors radars has been the company GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:GWPH). GW has been at the forefront of the pharmaceutical side of the weed market for some time now and has been working on getting a variety of drugs approved by various federal bodies of government. According to one report “On June 25, GW Pharmaceuticals became the very first drugmaker to get the thumbs-up for a cannabis-derived drug known as Epidiolex from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).” This was a major step for the whole of the cannabis market as it has helped to give an air of legitimacy to a market that sometimes can remain under investors noses.

The company Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE:IIPR) has been another one of the big players in the cannabis market that doesn’t operate by touching the physical cannabis plant. The company works through the acquisition of “ real estate assets in a particular industry, then leases those assets out for an extended period of time, earning revenue via rental increases amid a relatively fixed-cost model. As for Industrial Innovative Properties, it now has more than a dozen medical marijuana-growing properties in the U.S., each of which was initially leased out for between 15 and 20 years.” Often times it can be extremely difficult for a cannabis growing operation to find the right place to grow as well as control all of the legal aspects associated with growing cannabis. One of the main benefits of IIPR has been the fact that their profits are very predictable when compared to companies that grow cannabis. Because of this, IIPR is usually coined as a lower volatility investment in the market while still having a large amount of correlation to the cannabis space.

The last company on the list is the company GT Biopharma Inc (GTBP). GT has been another one of the key players in the pharmaceutical side of the industry. The company has been working to research how different chemical components of the cannabis plant can affect various illnesses and how to treat them. As mentioned with GW Pharmaceuticals, the industry on producing drugs that use cannabis compounds has been growing with a massive amount of propensity toward the future and GT Biopharma seems to have a large amount of exposure to this market.

The cannabis industry as a whole has continued to produce new and growing results as innovation is the leading driving force of the market. The hopes are high that the uptrend of the market can continue throughout the coming months and years.

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