Ryan Allway July 10th, 2019 App, Exclusive, News, Top News The last six weeks have seen major strides taken by The Yield Growth Corp.... The Yield Growth Corp.: Leading The Way in The Luxury Cosmeceutical CBD Market

Ryan Allway

July 10th, 2019

App, Exclusive, News, Top News

The last six weeks have seen major strides taken by The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE:BOSS) (OTCQB:BOSQF) (Frankfurt:YG3) to maintain their position as an exciting, forward-thinking and innovative cannabis company. An organisation dedicated to disrupting the wellness industry with revolutionary cannabis and hemp-based products, Yield Growth continues to make advances; it has released new products, continued to build and strengthen strategic alliances, and even begun to tackle the global market.

Wright & Well Enters Colorado’s Legal Cannabis Industry

Wright & Well, a subsidiary of Yield Growth, is a bold brand that aims to help relieve pain and anxiety through their line of THC and CBD based oils, gels, balms and other topicals.

On June 20th, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) gave final packaging approval for an additional three cannabis products to be distributed in Oregon. With this in place, Wright & Well will now begin manufacturing on all nine of their products.

According to Statista, legal sales of cannabis in the state of Oregon alone are projected to exceed US $1 billion by 2023, making this a major market to tackle, and an ideal blueprint for the brand as other jurisdictions across the country legalise the sale of cannabis and cannabis based products. Wright & Well jumped into the market early on, and are likely to be an important part of the Yield Growth roster as cannabis trends develop across the country.

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Urban Juve Maintains Notable Position in the Beauty World

Urban Juve is Yield Growth’s flagship brand, which blends ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with cutting edge science and technology to produce a proprietary skincare and wellness line of products, all of which are infused with hemp root and seed oil.

The company recently announced an alliance with beauty giant ipsy, the world’s leading beauty commerce community with over three million monthly members. Part of the alliance included the sale of Urban Juve products on Shopper, ipsy’s exclusive commerce marketplace, and Yield Growth has announced that this is now live.

With the global wellness market worth US $4.2 trillion according to the Global Wellness Institute, analysts now predict that CBD infused products will be a huge part of the industry, with Hemp Industry Daily projecting that within the US, this niche will grow to US $7 billion by 2023. Between their strategic alliances and wide-reaching marketing campaign, Urban Juve has positioned itself to be at the forefront of this new market.

Continuing to Meet Consumer Demands

Urban Juve has seen such positive responses from customers that on July 5th they announced the launch of three new Hemp Daily Ritual Kits, that feature the brand’s most loved products in a curated package.

The kits were launched partly in response to consumer’s who love the products and want to share them with others. ‘Whether personal gifts or professional-volume gifting, our new offering is just what customers are looking for, and our strategic focus on the gift-giving customer helps to generate additional revenue for the brand,” says Sandi Lesueur, president of Urban Juve.

The company continues to identify ways in which to reach new customers, while also maintaining a dedication to their existing customer base.

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Identifying Opportunities for Greater Revenue

Off the success of their existing brands, Yield Growth has invested time and money into the research and production of additional products. On June 25th, the company announced that it has completed testing on nine new products. The products contain hemp and other botanicals and have passed stability and preservation challenge tests at a laboratory in British Columbia.

The nine products include eye cream, deodorant, facial cleansers, facial oils and face masks. All the formulas in Yield Growth’s products are produced with the highest quality essential oils and pure botanical extracts. And in response to growing consumer trends, the company maintains a dedication to cruelty free practices.

With Jefferies financial research group’s estimation that the CBD Beauty Market will reach US $25 billion in ten years and amass 15% of the total skincare industry, Yield Growth is wise to continue to invest in this segment. With plans to launch several brands in California within the next 4 months, Yield Growth continues to prove itself as a force to be reckoned with in the wellness and CBD crossover market.

Going Global: Agreements Underway in Europe

In one of its most exciting reveals, Yield Growth announced on July 2nd that its Urban Juve Anti-Ageing Serum can now be sold in the European market. A Compliance Certificate was issued by Biorius, who is acting as Urban Juve’s Responsible Person in Europe.

Yield Growth had previously signed a letter of intent with Melorganics Hellas, who will act as the exclusive retail distributor and non-exclusive e-commerce distributor for the company’s flagship brand’s products in Cyprus and Greece.

As the European Union continues to create legislation that will bring cannabis closer to the mainstream market, luxury cannabis products such as Urban Juve’s line are becoming increasingly popular. With a population of well over 500 million, the EU offers an enormous market opportunity. Urban Juve hopes to obtain Compliance Certificates for all 11 of its products in the EU, and sales of its products are expected to begin in the fall of this year.

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Positioned to be a Leader as the Industry Develops

Yield Growth is a savvy company which manages to keep its many subsidiaries developing and growing alongside the growth of the industry. It is apt at identifying profitable market opportunities and it seizes these boldly and quickly. This, coupled with the company’s many strategic alliances has positioned Yield Growth to be a leader in the crossover market of cannabis based beauty products, both in North America and globally.


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