The cannabis industry has remained incredibly lucrative over the course of the past several years. With the exception of a few ups and downs... The Summer of Marijuana Stocks

The cannabis industry has remained incredibly lucrative over the course of the past several years. With the exception of a few ups and downs at the beginning of this year mostly based in the speculation surrounding various new laws, the market has been able to perform quite well when compared to other industries.

One of the most prominent companies in the space, Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:CGC) has recently seen its value go up due to the acquisition of MedReleaf (OTCMKTS:MEDFF). This transaction managed to become one of the largest acquisitions in the whole of the cannabis industry and has helped to set the paradigm of partnerships throughout the market. The company will be releasing new information on this acquisition in the near future which many investors have been waiting on the edge of their seat for. According to one report, Aurora Cannabis “closed at 9.30 Canadian dollars on July 4. It had a consensus price target of 9.63 Canadian dollars and a median price target of 9.50 Canadian dollars. That translates to an upside of 2%–3.5% over the most recent closing price.” This is quite solid for the price target given other stocks in the similar area, but marijuana as a whole has managed to continue exceeding expectations.

Next on the list should come as no surprise as it is another Canadian giant in the marijuana industry. Aphria (OTCMKTS:APHQF), has managed to become one of the largest marijuana companies in the industry over a short period of time. The company recently closed around $12 Canadian dollars, which is down somewhat from where they were at the beginning of the year. As stated prior, much of the declines in the beginning of the year came from speculation surrounding whether or not certain laws would go into place in Canada and the U.S. As this situation has been ironed out somewhat, prices have managed to work their way towards a bounce back to somewhere around where they were at their peaks. One report states that Aphria “stood at 23.91 Canadian dollars. However, the median price target was slightly higher at 25.75 Canadian dollars from 25.38 Canadian dollars a month ago. If the current price were to converge with the price target, it would more than double the company’s value.”

In regard to whether or not to look at Aphria, the stock remains high in the investor’s charts with a buy recommendation from most investors for the next 12 months.

Last on the list is the company Cronos Group (NYSE:CRON). The Cronos Group recently became one of only two or so stocks listed in the U.S. stock market due to their large amount of promise to continue growth in the near future. The company has also seen its shares dip from where they were in the beginning of the year by around 12%. This has not led investors to change their opinions due to how much potential the company has for the coming years. One report states that the “Cronos Group is a “hold” for the next 12-month period. Three analysts have recommended a “buy” for the stock, which is unchanged from the previous update. Similarly, two analysts have maintained a “hold,” and one has recommended a “strong sell.”

The marijuana industry as a whole is still very much in its infant stages which means that there is a large amount of room to grow over the course of the next several years. Only time will tell how well the new laws and regulations help to continue growing the overall cannabis sector.

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