The marijuana stock market has had a great deal of news which has helped to bring in a whole new series of investors and... The Marijuana Stocks With High Expectations Throughout Years End

The marijuana stock market has had a great deal of news which has helped to bring in a whole new series of investors and those interested into the marijuana space. The current state of acceptance in the marijuana stock market has created an ecosystem ripe with opportunity. Unlike other industries at the beginning of their lifespan, many of the small to mid-cap companies have seen a large amount of opportunity not otherwise afforded to these businesses. Because of this, investing in the cannabis space has been a very broad and interesting space to watch and participate in.

Next Green Wave (NGW) has been one of the primary growers of vertical cannabis for some time now. Next Green Wave recently released the news that they would be entering into a letter of intent with Loud Seeds, LLC. The agreement shows that the former will take over 100% of Loud Seeds including the brand as well as all of its assets. The deal shows that around $2 million worth of common shares will be distributed which shows the amount of devotion that NGW has to bring new innovation into the marijuana stock market.

Leigh Hughes, the executive chairman of NGW stated his excitement recently, sharing that “Being able to bring one of the best seed banks in the world into our nursery continues to differentiate Next Green Wave from other cultivators. We are excited to join an award-winning genetics portfolio with world-class breeding skills as the construction of our first facility nears completion and begins cultivation.” The type of cannabis that businesses have been able to produce is a very important variable to how well the business is perceived by the consumer.

Aphria (OTC:APHQF) has been one of the primary players in the marijuana stock space for several years now. The company in recent times has been working create a massive presence around the world to help secure future growth for marijuana abroad as well as in the domestic space. Aphria has worked to build partnerships in over ten countries across five continents which shows the dedication that they have to success in the future. The recent news of Canadian sales of recreational cannabis going live was a major exposure boost for the Canadian business. CEO of Aphria, Vic Neufield stated in regard to this happening that “Today we celebrate the end of nearly a century of prohibition and the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the cannabis industry. The Cannabis Act, which comes into effect today, cements Canada’s global leadership in this rapidly expanding industry. This is a historic moment as we march into the future of cannabis.”

Marijuana stocks have proven to be resilient to many of the more popular market fluctuations that have occurred in the past few months broadly. As we move forward to a legal cannabis system around the world, there are various steps that have to take place first. Companies like these have become the forefront fighters for broadening the marijuana stock space and continue to represent the future of how smoothly the market can run when operating at a full capacity.

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