The cannabis industry has become notoriously successful in the past several... The Job Market in the Cannabis Space is Growing Just as Fast as the Industry

The cannabis industry has become notoriously successful in the past several years. With this increase in capital and the sheer amount of businesses entering the market, the number of jobs that are being produced are also at an all-time high.

The U.S. and Canada have been working to lead the fight for marijuana reform throughout the world. In the U.S. however, the industry is very segmented due to cannabis only being legalized in select states. While we wait on the federal government to set out new laws for the industry, statewide job markets are definitely getting a boost from their legal weed markets.

California and the West Coast as a whole have been the leaders as far as the U.S. is concerned. In the near future, however, more states are looking to legalize the use of cannabis such as New York State. These additions could be a big change to the market and could also help to add even more jobs into the industry.

Some studies have shown that cannabis could be worth as much as $21 billion by the end of 2021 in the U.S. alone. This massive amount of growth means that companies will be looking for new employees to fill a massive amount of jobs.

Everything from budtenders to customer service and more will begin to be extremely popular as the future moves on. One of the sectors, however that may surprise some in its increase, is that of jobs that deal with the science of cannabis. Individuals with degrees in the scientific field could potentially look at jobs in the marijuana extraction industry or the testing side of the market.

One of the many factors with getting a job in the cannabis industry is the fact that many dispensaries require a clean record in order to be hired. Some companies require extensive background checks in order to be hired. This is partly due to the normal factors of wanting to higher top-tier individuals, but also due to the fact that the industry is still very much on the fringes. This means that companies operating within the fine lines of cannabis, don’t want any extra reason to be looked at twice.

The cannabis industry is growing extremely quickly which means that the opportunities for jobs will continue to grow as we move toward the future. For those looking to escape the North American landscape, countries around the world are also looking to legalize the substance.

One of the key markets that we’ve seen develop in the past few months has been the German industry. Germany is subject to be worth billions in only a few years time. All that’s currently being waited upon is the right laws to be put in place. As soon as legislation is dealt with, it seems as though more and more countries around the world will act in the domino effect and begin to put in laws of their very own. Until that time, one should continue to look out for new jobs and new opportunities throughout the marijuana industry.

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