by Madeline Grant, NCIA’s Government Relations Manager Like the Olympics, we only have a presidential election every four years. Usually, this means more voters... The Importance of PACs and Political Involvement

by Madeline Grant, NCIA’s Government Relations Manager

Like the Olympics, we only have a presidential election every four years. Usually, this means more voters are engaged and paying attention to the political process than normal. It’s more important now than ever for voters to get involved, and there are many ways to do just that. Some people campaign by making phone calls and knocking doors to get out the vote, others simply vote on election day. Some choose to make financial contributions to candidates or issues-based PACs (political action committees) that they care about.

As a trade association, NCIA has a PAC (the NCIA-PAC) that collects and contributes funds to candidates that support cannabis reform on Capitol Hill. In recent years, you may have heard that PACs are considered “special interest” or part of the “D.C. swamp.” Some candidates go so far as to not accept contributions from PACs to their campaigns. However, many small PACs, like the NCIA-PAC, are misrepresented by these characterizations and are fully funded by the hard-working members of their associations. The NCIA-PAC gives our cannabis professionals a united voice in the political process. Keep reading below to learn more about NCIA’s PAC and how you can get involved

There is a common misconception that political contributions buy votes, however, the reality is that political contributions gain access. Of course, a politician’s goal is to get elected or re-elected and campaign contributions are a vital component of that goal. The NCIA-PAC helps support our champions and politicians that will fight for us on Capitol Hill so that they can continue fighting for our industry in D.C.

Another common misconception people have is that a one-time contribution will get you a friend for life, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. As long as a member stays in office, they will continue to ask for financial support. Think of it like this: supporting the NCIA-PAC lets us support elected officials who support the cannabis industry, and it’s imperative that they continue to be re-elected! Even the smallest donations make an impact.

At this point, you may be asking yourself: why should I support the NCIA-PAC? Well, your dollars support candidates who understand the cannabis industry’s concerns and who focus their attention on issues important to NCIA. A donation also affords you opportunities to collaborate with other concerned and politically active members to ensure our industry’s involvement in the legislative process and provides engagement, support, and information that is helpful to you, our cause, and your business.

NCIA’s government relations team works year-round to build relationships on Capitol Hill and represent the cannabis industry. As a team, we reiterate the importance of access to banking, fixing the 280E tax provision, the necessity of descheduling cannabis, and ensuring that our industry is diverse and equitable, among other issues. Our efforts here in D.C. make an impact, but members of Congress and their staff also need to hear from you. So, we hope you will consider joining us and NCIA’s PAC Leadership Circle at our 2nd Annual VIP Day in Washington D.C., on May 19. 

Through a donation of $1,000 dollars or more, you will participate in an exclusive day including briefings, a luncheon and meetings with members of Congress, meetings with committees of jurisdiction, complimentary entry to the NCIA-PAC Fundraiser, and networking with NCIA’s most politically active members. Additionally, you will receive even more benefits all throughout the year, such as complimentary registration for our annual conferences, prominent listing and link to your company website featured on NCIA’s PAC page, customized branding opportunities at NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo, and much more. If you are interested in attending VIP Day or hearing more about the NCIA-PAC, please fill out an interest form here or contact Maddy Grant at


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