How to make cannabutter and oil like a pro

Making cannabis butter and oil is a pretty simple process. Chef, author and activist Cheri Sicard shows us how.

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A beginners guide to safely trying edibles

Thinking about trying edibles for the first time? Or trying them again after a bad experience? Experts offer insight on how cannabis-infused edibles work in the body, how to be smart about consumption and what to do if you overindulge.

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Marijuana stinks. Here’s what cities, businesses and neighbors can do about it.
Even the most ardent marijuana lovers can’t deny it: The plant, at least to some noses, stinks. Marijuana odors have triggered lawsuits against cannabis companies. They’ve also led residents to try to block commercial operations from coming to California and the other eight states where recreational cannabis is legal... Read more
This man will spend life in prison for a marijuana conviction unless Donald Trump or the Supreme Court helps him
Barbara Tillis isn’t sure when she’ll get to see her son, Corvain Cooper, again. Every few months for the past four years, Tillis, has driven five hours with her husband, daughter and Cooper’s oldest daughter, making the trip from Rialto to the federal prison in Atwater, near Merced. They’d spend the... Read more
State begins crackdown on black market marijuana retailers, starting in Costa Mesa
State authorities teamed up with local police to shut down an unlicensed marijuana shop in Costa Mesa, in what regulators say is the first of many coordinated efforts to target California’s massive black market for cannabis. The bust signals a clear shift, with the state moving from issuing warnings... Read more
Statewide survey shows fewer California teens are using marijuana since legalization laws kicked in
Marijuana use among California students dropped over the past couple years, even as laws legalizing the drug for adults 21 and older started to kick in, according to the latest state-commissioned California Healthy Kids Survey. One possible reason is that students told surveyors marijuana is harder to get now... Read more
First FDA-approved drug based on natural cannabis stops seizures that put Yorba Linda girl with epilepsy in a coma
Two years ago, Natalie Pembleton was having so many epileptic seizures each day that doctors put her in a drug-induced coma while they scrambled to figure out how to help her. She was hospitalized for months, forcing her parents to pull her out of sixth grade. Her UCLA medical... Read more
Landscape on marijuana research shifting despite federal roadblocks
After decades of disconnect between federal officials who consider cannabis a harmful drug and public opinion that increasingly views cannabis as something that should be legal and is potentially good medicine, the landscape on marijuana research might be shifting. This week, UC Irvine announced it received a $9 million... Read more
First tests are in, and one in five marijuana samples in CA isn’t making grade
One in five batches of marijuana has failed laboratory testing since new state safety requirements kicked in July 1, according to data from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. Failures have been triggered by inaccurate labeling or contamination from pesticides, bacteria or processing chemicals. Dr. Raquel Keledjian, lab director,... Read more
Wine and weed might not be allowed to mix in Temecula Valley
In some regions of California, former vineyards are being converted to cannabis farms, wine conferences are having sessions about marijuana, and an up-and-coming job is cannabis sommelier. While the wine and marijuana industries are similar in some ways, blending those worlds isn’t always easy. Winegrowers and cannabis cultivators increasingly... Read more

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