BOULDER, COLO. – June 28, 2018 – PRESS RELEASE – Cannabis business consulting firm Canna Advisors provides in-depth market analysis and investment insight in... Steep Hill Pennsylvania Announces ISO 17025 Accreditation For Cannabis Testing

BOULDER, COLO. – June 28, 2018 – PRESS RELEASE – Cannabis business consulting firm Canna Advisors provides in-depth market analysis and investment insight in the newly released edition of Arcview Market Research’s The State of Legal Marijuana Markets, the cannabis industry’s No. 1 cited research report. The analysis cautions investors and entrepreneurs not to assume that the cannabis industry’s continued rapid growth means easy success for anyone involved.

“While there is hockey-stick growth in new and emerging markets, no two markets are developing the same,” Canna Advisors co-founders Diane and Jay Czarkowski warn.

“Investors must consider both the macro-level evolution of the industry and evaluate the market phase of where the business will start its operations as well as the micro-level or business stage the particular business is in. The approach to entering the industry changes drastically depending on the market and the business you choose to enter into.”

The Canna Advisors analysis dissects some of the most critical factors affecting potential cannabis investments, including cannabis businesses’ uniquely substantial capitalization needs.

“There are many reasons your business could be undercapitalized without it being apparent,” the piece cautions, citing the capital requirements in many states simply to apply for a license, as well as the need for licensed businesses to stay afloat through the likelihood of delays and bottlenecks in the early phases of a state’s cannabis program roll-out.

Canna Advisors also reviews some of the special risks inherent in cannabis businesses, including the complex regulatory environment and the dramatic impact a single compliance failure can have on a business.

Despite the excitement and eagerness that many novice cannabis investors and entrepreneurs feel about plunging into the industry, Canna Advisors advocates a deliberate, multi-step approach. Although the cannabis industry still seems new to many, it has already evolved to favor those with an eye toward the long term.

“Start with education and pre-license positioning, then move into full business planning that is customized to the specific location and the micro-level trends and regulations specific to each area,” recommend the Czarkowskis. “The financial model—and capital/investment needs—will then prove to be more on target and sustainable. 

“Once you get through the building out of your facilities, you have to prepare for continual inspections, operating consistently and compliantly in all locations, and eventually, an exit strategy.”

With all of these factors in mind, the founders of Canna Advisors are still bullish on the industry’s opportunities for investors. 

“Now is the time for savvy investors to get involved while businesses still do not have access to traditional business loans,” write the Czarkowskis. “In the earliest days, 85 percent of industry investment was backed by founders’ personal savings and credit. The projected levels of growth will require outside infusions of capital.”

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