VANCOUVER, B.C., August 22, 2018 – PRESS RELEASE – Sproutly Canada, Inc. has announced that it has entered into an exclusive technology license and use... Sproutly Enters Into Exclusive Technology License With Micronutrient Technologies Inc.

VANCOUVER, B.C., August 22, 2018 – PRESS RELEASE – Sproutly Canada, Inc. has announced that it has entered into an exclusive technology license and use agreement with Minnesota State-based Micronutrient Technologies Inc. (MTI) to utilize its proprietary platform known as Minerals in Solution Technology (MiST) for use in creating cannabis- and hemp-based beverages in select jurisdictions around the world. Under the license agreement, Sproutly will be granted the exclusive right to utilize MiST and its water-soluble nutritional minerals to produce enhanced water, beverages and soluble nutritional mineral supplements that include a cannabis or hemp component for the recreational and medicinal markets. The license is applicable in Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Israel and all countries that are part of the European Union as of the date of the licensing agreement.

MiST is a patent-pending technology that produces a 100-percent water-soluble form of multiple minerals (including calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium and trace minerals such as copper, iron, manganese and strontium) on the same molecular platform. MiST offers an unprecedented versatility in formulating unique combinations of micronutrients that address the growing consumer needs for health and wellness in modern lifestyle. MiST produces stand-alone or custom blends of minerals with other micronutrients in water solutions that will fortify a beverage in a single manufacturing step and has proven to be shelf stable in beverages for at least 2 years. The license provides Sproutly with the know-how developed over a decade in designing innovative beverages with multiple nutrients, including nutritional minerals, which are essential for health and wellness. 

Keith Dolo, CEO of Sproutly, commented: “MiST is a transformational technology that will allow us to add fully water-soluble minerals in different combinations, in cannabis beverages without the need for artificial chemical additives or formulation methods such as emulsification or encapsulation.” He added, “MiST, coupled with our naturally water-soluble cannabinoid, infuz20, will position us to lead the cannabis industry by bringing to market, beverages that deliver the benefits of this unique plant to health-conscious consumers and the experience of the diverse varieties of cannabis and hemp in adult use markets as traditional beverages.  Sproutly is pleased announce this transaction, subsequent to the acquisition of Infusion Biosciences Canada, which strengthens our competitive advantage with beverage products that require stable, water soluble ingredients.  “ 

Overview of MiST

MiST, based on over 12 years of research and development, is a patent-pending technology to produce nutritional minerals in water solutions by a cost-effective and scalable process. The molecular platform of MiST minerals enables beverage manufacturers to create custom combination of multiple minerals at desired proportions that can be used as a “single blend” to manufacture fortified beverages with other micronutrients, including plant derived natural compounds. These minerals include: calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium and trace minerals (copper, iron, manganese and strontium). MiST is currently commercialized in fortified bottled water and functional liquid supplements. MiST minerals have multiple benefits, which include:

  • Providing a more complete and immediate delivery to the body;
  • Allowing precise dosing;
  • Offering an easily ingestible format; and,
  • Delivering in a state where the body does not have to process further to make it available.

MiST produces highly concentrated true water solutions of essentially all nutritional minerals individually, in blends of multiple minerals, and in blends with other micronutrients with compositions that are customized for products targeting different customer bases. 

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