KELOWNA, B.C, Dec. 23, 2019 /CNW/ – PRESS RELEASE – Valens GroWorks Corp., a vertically integrated provider of extraction products and services, including a...

KELOWNA, B.C, Dec. 23, 2019 /CNW/ – PRESS RELEASE – Valens GroWorks Corp., a vertically integrated provider of extraction products and services, including a diverse suite of extraction methodologies, next generation cannabinoid delivery formats and an ISO 17025 accredited analytical lab, has announced a multi-year extraction and white label agreement with Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc., a multi-year product supply agreement with Dynaleo Inc., and an update of its OTCQX stock ticker to VLNCF.

Valens signs multi-year extraction and white-label agreement with Emerald Health

The agreement has an initial four-year term, with Emerald Health supplying Valens with an annual minimum quantity of 10,000 kilograms of cannabis and hemp biomass. Valens will process the biomass provided by Emerald Health on a fee for service basis into premium quality resins and distillates using the company’s proprietary extraction processing methods. In addition to extraction services, Valens will provide Emerald Health with a variety of white label services including formulation, mixing and filling for product formats including vaporizers, softgels and tinctures. Valens expects to receive and begin processing the first shipment from Emerald Health in Q1 of fiscal 2020 and currently holds all required licensing from Health Canada to carry out its obligations under the agreement.

“We are pleased to have Valens as one of our strategic manufacturing partners, and look forward to bringing the variety of products we will generate with them to market,” said Riaz Bandali, CEO of Emerald. “Beyond being an industry leader in extraction, formulation, and other services, Valens’ cost-effective end-to-end fulfillment solution can help transition our novel product ideas into tangible products in a faster and more cost-effective manner.”

“We are excited to partner with Emerald Health to provide our extraction and white label expertise to bolster their product platform,” said Tyler Robson, CEO of The Valens Company. “Emerald Health is one of the industry’s leading players, focused on an important medical cannabis patient program for individuals in need across Canada. We look forward to working closely with the team at Emerald Health as they scale their operations and expand their product portfolio for years to come.”

Valens signs multi-year product supply agreement with large-scale edibles producer, Dynaleo

The agreement has an initial two-year term, with two automatic one-year renewals . Under the two-year initial term of the agreement, Valens will supply Dynaleo with distillate or SōRSE emulsions containing a minimum of 40 kilograms of active THC or CBD cannabinoids for use in the production of edibles for the regulated Canadian cannabis adult-use market. During the Additional Term, Dynaleo will purchase from Valens a minimum of 50 kilograms of active THC or CBD cannabinoids in distillate or SōRSE emulsion in year three and 75 kilograms of active THC or CBD cannabinoids in distillate or SōRSE emulsion in year four.

Under the terms of the agreement, if Dynaleo decides to receive emulsified, high-potency cannabis oil, this will be processed for an additional charge utilizing Valens’ proprietary, licensed emulsion technology, SōRSE. This technology is proven to remain stable against various levels of heat during confectionary production processes and provides a superior consumer experience with ingestible products such as increased bioavailability as well as rapid, consistent onset and offset.

“As a supply chain partner that focuses on supplying safe, high quality oil-based products that deliver customized user experiences through proprietary, next generation technologies and delivery methods, we are very excited to be working with the reputable and experienced team at Dynaleo,” said Jeff Fallows, President of The Valens Company. “The team at Dynaleo have been active in the Canadian cannabis sector for many years advocating for safe, high-quality edibles for the adult use market. We look forward to supporting their operations with quality active cannabis inputs and to seeing their purpose-built, state-of-the-art, large scale facility come online in 2020 giving Dynaleo the capacity to produce more that 400,000,000 units in their first year of operations.”

Valens’ OTCQX ticker changes to ‘VLNCF’

Further to our press release on Dec. 17, 2019, announcing the rebranding of The Valens Company, the company has received the final regulatory approvals for the ticker symbol change on the OTCQX. As of market open on Dec. 23, 2019, the company will be recognized on the OTCQX with the ticker ‘VLNCF’ to align with its recent rebranding.

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