Doctors for Cannabis Regulation call on the state to approve marijuana legalization NY Doctors Group Pushes for Pot Legalization
  • Legalizing cannabis improves public safety
  • Badly needed tax revenues will be generated
  • Marijuana is an important tool to fight opioid abuse

As a bill to legalize marijuana in the state of New York hangs in the balance, a “coalition of doctors” is backing legalization. 

Doctors for Cannabis Regulation published an open letter to the state of New York. In addition to drawing attention to the product safety regulations and tax revenues that are on the table, the doctors noted the “public safety” role for cannabis in helping to address the Opioid Crisis.

This is particularly relevant in light of recent anti-cannabis pseudo-science that has been splashed around the mainstream media, including the NY Times.
The Seed Investor has already slammed this pseudo-science in a previous editorial.

Produced by an ivory tower academic on behalf of Big Pharma, the dubious research offers nothing but a flimsy correlation as “evidence” that legalizing marijuana is (somehow) worsening the Opioid Crisis.

In that editorial, TSI noted that legalizing marijuana can’t worsen opioid abuse. Marijuana is a completely safe substitute for opiates. It’s so safe that it can be consumed with opiates, as opioid-users attempt to wean themselves off these killer drugs.

Doctors for Cannabis Regulation confirm that this is the correct interpretation of the science here.

It would be a blow to the cannabis industry in New York and state cannabis consumers if the bill to legalize cannabis should fail due to the influence of the anti-cannabis propaganda published by the NY Times (and elsewhere).

As more and more jurisdictions are realizing, there are numerous (positive) reasons in favor of cannabis legalization. There are no legitimate arguments against this.

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