Robin Lefferts June 29th, 2018 Exclusive, News, Top News Legalization of adult-use cannabis in Canada is coming October 17, 2018. Licensed Producers have... Newly Public, James E. Wagner Cultivation Moves Toward Cannabis Oils

Robin Lefferts

June 29th, 2018

Exclusive, News, Top News

Legalization of adult-use cannabis in Canada is coming October 17, 2018. Licensed Producers have been steadily ramping up production for the last year or so in anticipation of a projected shortfall in dried cannabis supply. At the same time, industry trends in Canada, the United States, and internationally show that both medical and recreational cannabis users are moving away from using dried cannabis and towards using cannabis oils and extracts through a variety of applications.

James E. Wagner Cultivation (TSXV: JWCA) is a Licensed Producer that recognizes the trend toward cannabis oils and is moving to smartly address the expanding market. Having gone public on June 11, 2018, the company recently announced a proposed collaboration with Medipharm Labs for the production of cannabis oils. If completed, the agreement could help JWC accelerate its entry into the oils market.

Playing to Each Company’s Strengths

James E. Wagner Cultivation (JWC) is a premium cannabis brand, focused on producing clean, consistent cannabis. Building upon decades of family agricultural experience, the President & CEO, Nathan Woodworth, got his start in cannabis cultivation several years ago under Canada’s MMAR program. From this humble start, JWC has grown to be a technology leader with its patent-pending GrowthStorm™ aeroponics system, which generates high-potency cannabis with increased yields while greatly reducing exposure to insect and disease threats.

Medipharm Labs is unique among Canadian Licensed Producers in that it’s the only one approved solely for cannabis oil production. The company utilizes ISO-certified facilities, built to European GMP standards (the most strict protocols in the world), and a variety of cutting-edge technologies to produce cannabis oils, capsules, drops, and purified cannabinoids. The company has plans to go public later this year on the TSX Venture Exchange.

The proposed collaboration, subject to completion of due diligence, allows each company to do what it does best. It is anticipated that JWC would supply the cannabis raw material grown to its exacting specifications, while Medipharm would create the cannabis oils and products destined for the marketplace.

The Way Forward

James E. Wagner Cultivation is currently undergoing a major facility expansion. Begun at the end of 2017, the state-of-the-art retro-fitted 345,000 sq. ft. building is scheduled to start production in Q3 2018 and be fully operational in 2019. Building upon the design of its original state-of-the-art retro-fitted 15,000 sq. ft. facility and applying all of its success, JWC anticipates the new facility will be the largest aeroponic grow operation in the world.

JWC also has an established collaboration with Canopy Growth, and its products are able to be sold through Canopy’s extensive distribution channels, including the CraftGrow network and Tweed Main Street. These channels are in addition to JWC’s own direct distribution to medical patients across Canada. The same distribution channels could enable the company to reach a large number of potential customers with its newly proposed cannabis oils program.

As a leader in the production of great cannabis and groundbreaking cultivation technology, JWC is laying the foundation for a much more sophisticated and complete approach to the booming and evolving cannabis industry. By incorporating MediPharm’s expertise and Canopy’s distribution, JWC is positioning itself to enter the highest growth sectors as a major player. Keep an eye out for further developments as full legalization and new production capacities approach.


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