Scott Adams has emerged as one of the most thoughtful commentators in the world today. The creator of Dilbert cartoon and author of... Multi-Millionaire Who Predicted Trump’s Victory, Predicts Complete US Marijuana Legalization In A Few Weeks

Scott Adams has emerged as one of the most thoughtful commentators in the world today.
The creator of Dilbert cartoon and author of NYT best-selling “Win Bigly” has extensive experience and training in the art of persuasion.
This understanding of something so few do was the basis for accurately predicting President Trump would win the 2016 election against all odds.
Now he’s making a thoughtful and surprising (and potentially lucrative) prediction about marijuana legalization in the United States.
Adams reviewed marijuana’s current legal status last Saturday after Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) said he expects medical marijuana to be fully federally legalized after the election.
Adams made the case the marijuana will be legalized at the federal level after the upcoming midterm elections in this Periscope video session with his audience.
Adams explained, “After the midterms is the perfect time to [legalize marijuana].”
His rational for the best way to get to marijuana legalization was to let the story build in phases.
The first phase would be letting rumors spread and getting supporters to build up hope and ambition whiling allowing those opposed to the change grow more comfortable with the idea before this year’s midterm election. 
Rohrabacher is doing his part in this phase. The congressman who represents California’s 48th congressional district covering Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach, doubled down on his prediction recently too when he took a bus full of seniors to a local marijuana dispensary.
The next phase would come after the election when, in all likelihood, the House of Representatives will be under Democrat control ( currently gives 85% probability of this occurring).
The final phase would be getting everyone to agree on marijuana legalization, which is increasingly popular among voters in both parties.
Adams asked some simple questions to sum up the third phase.
“What can a president get done with a split Congress? Weed.”
“What is the one thing you can guarantee both the left and the right will vote for, at least in the majority? Weed.”
“[Legalizing weed after the election] will be the exact best timing of all time because…it’s the one thing he’s almost guaranteed to get through.”
All this is still in the earliest phase of letting word get out. But it’s looking like a better than even chance of finally passing.
If that happens, all we can say is watch out.
The legal marijuana industry, which was headed for a $50 billion industry in the U.S. within five years, is going to get there way faster than that.
The Seed Investor’s Prediction: Marijuana absolutely will be fully legalized in the United States at the federal level. We expect it to happen within the next six months or it won’t happen for years with not many options in between. The best bet right now is sooner rather than later.

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