After 10 years of conventional medications left her bed-ridden, medicinal cannabis fully restored this mother's life Mother Thanks Medicinal Cannabis: ‘I have my life back’
  • From bed-ridden and walking with two canes back to yoga, skiing and bike riding
  • Stopped taking all other prescription drugs, lost considerable weight (formerly 300 lbs)
  • Medicinal cannabis is now being used to treat thousands of medical conditions
  • Commercial potential of cannabis is virtually unlimited 

An inspiring article from The Growth Op has two messages. It should further de-stigmatize cannabis for readers who still harbor anti-cannabis biases. And it further illustrates to investors the commercial potential of this Miracle Weed.

“My oldest daughter said she had lost her mom,” Melissa Vincent says, her voice breaking.

It was hardly an exaggeration.

For years, the stay-at-home mom would lay in bed, losing touch with her family, her friends and even herself more and more with each passing day. Vincent couldn’t walk; it hurt to be touched, and to touch. She couldn’t play with her then six-year-old daughter and she couldn’t hold her eight-month-old daughter.

Vincent suffers from fibromyalgia, a disorder of the central nervous system that produces a host of disabling symptoms including (usually) relentless pain. She also had a herniated disk and a pinched nerve in her right arm. Fibromyalgia often originates in people who already have other chronic pain issues.

This Ontario mother spent 10 years trying any/every conventional medication recommended by her physicians. Then a pain specialist referred her to Aleafia Health (CAN: ALEF / US: ALEAF). She consulted with Dr. Michael Verbora, now Aleafia’s Chief Medical Officer.

As Vincent began her new treatments, the old parts of herself started to resurface, and the pain she had felt for so long remained at bay. “I gradually stopped taking all my other medications, and now I’m just on cannabis,” she says.

First she got out of bed. Then she went from walking with two canes to one cane, and (finally) unassisted. Then she got her quality of life back: skiing with her kids and watching their soccer games like any other Soccer Mom.

To readers who are new to cannabis, this will seem amazing. To readers and investors with a deeper understanding of cannabis, it’s much less surprising.

Cannabinoids, the active ingredients in the cannabis plant are produced naturally in the human body. They help to promote and maintain human health. Mothers naturally pass cannabinoids to infants in mother’s milk – to promote infant health.

Medicinal cannabis is now being used therapeutically to treat thousands of different health conditions.

Is it surprising that a substance produced naturally in the human body to promote health can work miracles in alleviating health issues? Not really.

Disturbingly, this Cannabis Miracle comes out at the same time that evidence is emerging that Canada’s provinces are reducing access to medicinal cannabis. This is despite cannabis being fully legalized in Canada nationally.

For cannabis investors, there are several messages.

  1. Nearly unlimited potential for cannabis (cannabinoids) as the foundation for new licensed-and-approved pharmaceutical products. (Size of market: ~ $1 trillion per year)
  2. Nearly unlimited potential for cannabis health supplements (Size of dietary aids market: projected at $278 billion by 2022)

Then there is the commercial potential for cannabis as a recreational drug.

The alcohol industry is now in permanent decline as more and more consumers reduce or eliminate consumption. This is because toxic alcohol causes numerous serious health issues: cancer, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, etc. In combination with numerous prescription drugs, it also kills many more people.

Cannabis is safe – non-toxic. It’s safe to use with other drugs.

The alcohol industry represents a $1 trillion per year revenue pie. Cannabis has the long-term potential to eat most of that pie.

It’s why multinational alcoholic beverage companies have already started to aggressively buy their way into the cannabis industry. It’s fast becoming an American consumer tradition.

As a consumer product, cannabis is the Miracle Weed. As an industry, cannabis has long term potential in excess of $1 trillion. As an investment opportunity?

You do the math.

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