by Courtney Elder, CBD Nerds The success of your dispensary relies on many things – your location, the quality of the products you sell,... Member Blog: Hiring New Budtenders – Keep Your Eyes Out For These Red Flags

by Courtney Elder, CBD Nerds

The success of your dispensary relies on many things – your location, the quality of the products you sell, and the people who work for you. While it might seem as if you can put just about anyone behind the counter and have them ring up transactions, the art of being a budtender is a completely different animal. Managers and owners who are in the position of needing to replace or expand their current staffing may not fully realize how their employees can make or break their business, so let’s go through a few important considerations.

It goes without saying that anyone can end up unintentionally hiring someone they shouldn’t have, so if any of the following scenarios have happened to you, don’t feel bad. This information can help in many types of businesses and will specifically save you a headache if you work in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Knowledge

On-the-job training is certainly something that every dispensary manager should provide, as it’s impossible for someone to walk right in and run the show on their very first day. However, it’s another situation entirely if your new hire doesn’t know the first thing about cannabis. Not only is a basic understanding required pertaining to strains, methods of consumption, and weed culture in general, but if they bring knowledge to the table that impresses you, they’re a keeper.

Anyone who can’t answer simple questions about cannabis or CBD may not be the best choice for your operation unless you have the time and patience to teach someone from the ground up. Ultimately you want your customers to feel as if they’re consulting with experts, not the other way around.

Don’t Neglect Background Checks

This tip can take a two-fold approach, as the person you end up hiring is going to be trusted with access to tons of product, money, and maybe even the store keys someday. Reference checks are a must in today’s day and age, so if they don’t readily have people available for you to chat with, you may want to dig a little deeper.

Aside from simply calling previous employers, it doesn’t hurt to run a full background check on your potential new employee. You never know if people are representing themselves truthfully and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Again, if your prospect is uncomfortable with this idea, you don’t simply want to brush it off and continue hiring them anyway. That’s not to say that you should instantly dismiss them either as some people have a criminal record they are embarrassed by but have changed.

Common Sense And Intuition

When it comes down to it, working as a budtender does require a specific set of skills but in general isn’t that much different than many other professional retail occupations. Take some time to consider everything a person brings to the table, listen to your gut, and above all else, let common sense guide you. If something doesn’t feel right about your new hire, pay attention to that notion or else it could cost you your business.

Courtney Elder is a cannabis and CBD expert. She’s a mother of 2 from Portland, Oregon and has done countless hours of research around both cannabis and CBD benefits. She’s written for some of the industries top authority sites and is the lead content creator at CBD Nerds.

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