Ryan Allway December 17th, 2021 Psychedelics December 17, 2021 –  Maya Health (Maya PBC), the leading real-world data platform connecting psychedelic therapists, patients, and researchers,... Maya Health Raises $4.3 Million to Decentralize Psychedelic Medicine Research

Ryan Allway

December 17th, 2021


December 17, 2021 –  Maya Health (Maya PBC), the leading real-world data platform connecting psychedelic therapists, patients, and researchers, announced its successful raise of $4.3 million in its first investment rounds. The funding includes an $800,000 angel round and a subsequent $3.5 million in seed funding.

Participants in the funding round included The Conscious Fund and Leafy Tunnel, who led the round, as well as Heather Jackson Revocable Trust; Mark A. Zittman Revocable Trust; Michael Blitzer; Deep End Partners, LLC; BWC Group, Inc.; Ambria Investors, LP; MA Fund I, a series of Psychedelic Medicine SPV, LP; KP Investment Partners; Psynergia Labs, LLC; Noah Levy; Aquanta Group, Inc.; Craig Nerenberg; Nicholas Henry Moryl Revocable Trust; Cosmo Feilding-Mellen; MA Fund I, a series of Team Uplyft, LP; Meyer Mishkin; and Rinat Family 2006 Trust.

The funding will enable Maya Health to bring its paradigm-shifting platform to market in 2022, assembling a global community of participants, providers, researchers, and regulators to support decentralized psychedelic medicine. Funding will also be used to expand Maya Health’s personnel, develop its technologies, provide more business integrations for practitioners, and integrate with new blockchain initiatives for enhanced security, privacy, and transparency.

“With the explosion of investment in psychedelic pharmaceutical development, there’s a growing risk that psychedelic medicine could reach mainstream healthcare without the safety, efficacy, and affordability that they promise,” says David Champion, CEO of Maya Health. “Right now, given the widespread use of psychedelics outside of clinical trials, we have a unique opportunity to observe best practices in real world conditions in order to learn what works and what doesn’t. At Maya Health, we’re building the infrastructure that will accelerate pre-clinical research, enhance safety, optimize outcomes, and even drive down the cost of psychedelic care.”

The Maya Health platform empowers psychedelic researchers, providers, and participants to collaboratively chart psychedelic best practices. The product suite includes a purpose-built Companion App for individuals, a Measurement Based Care Platform for providers, and a Real World Data Platform for both academic and commercial researchers. By bridging the gap between psychedelic research and real-world practices, Maya Health activates true decentralized collaboration across the community.

According to Henri Sant-Cassia, Founding Partner of The Conscious Fund, ​​”Maya Health is more than the gold standard for managing therapy; the data and insights it is generating may prove the key to unlocking further pieces of the psychedelic puzzle. Their calm, hyper-efficient leadership and team fanatical about quality make Maya Health a tech company with real human capital.”

Bek Muslimov, Founding Partner of Leafy Tunnel, says, “Maya Health serves an unmet need in the psychedelic treatment industry for a platform that collects and visualizes data throughout the patient journey to measure outcomes and maximize the value of the therapy. Maya Health has an experienced team capable of building best-in-class products, led by an entrepreneur with experience building a successful SaaS business in the cannabis sector.”

Today’s funding announcement comes amid growing public interest in psychedelic therapy and its potential as a breakthrough mental health treatment. A recent survey conducted by The Learning Network found that nearly half (47%) of all clinicians have had patients ask about psychedelics to treat mental health issues, and that clinicians are overwhelmingly (87%) interested in learning more about psychedelic therapies.

“The implementation of Maya Health for our practice has allowed us greater visibility into where our clients are on their healing journey,” said Christina Muncy, psychedelic integration coach at Executive Health and Wellness. “With this level of organization, we’re given more clarity of mind, which means we’re able to help more clients and better direct our energy to where it’s most useful.”


Maya Health, a public benefit corporation, empowers providers, participants, and researchers to chart real world evidence for safe and effective psychedelic practices. Its mission is to provide the technology and insight needed to scale psychedelic healthcare safely and effectively. Maya Health envisions a future where everyone has the opportunity to benefit from safe and accessible psychedelic medicine.

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