Holiday time has been known to be a fervent producer of... Marijuana Stocks Riding Post Christmas High

Holiday time has been known to be a fervent producer of uptrends in the market for many years. With the most recent downward spike that much of the stock market has taken, several marijuana stocks have been able to forgo this negative volatility.

Various bouts of news have continued to hit the market, which has resulted in a bearish turn over the past month or two. With so many traders in a frenzy looking to find value in the market, marijuana stocks may be the way to do just that.

Next Green Wave (NXGWF) (NGW) is one of the players in the California cannabis market. Next Green Wave recently saw its share price shoot up by as much as 26% on the Canadian market, which is quite a sizable amount for anyone who follows the cannabis market. The staggering rise comes as the company listed on a U.S. exchange. Investors have watched during this Christmas rush as Next Green Wave jumped by over 356% following the Christmas holiday. The jump occurred while the stock ran up from its previous closing price of $0.23 to over $1.05 during intra-day trading on December 26. This post-Christmas stock uptrend can be attributed to a much higher demand throughout the marijuana industry as well as other factors.

Next Green Wave is a premium grower of cannabis which currently holds as much as 60,000 square feet of grow space. The company has continuously put out gains due to their business model and the demand domestically in the U.S. for their product.

Based out of Coalinga, CA, Next Green Wave has access to the Californian market which is the largest cannabis market in the world at this point in time. Many investors have seen that Next Green Wave has quite a bit of value. In terms of sheer grow amount, Next Green Wave has managed to maximize their share value.

Only a week or so ago, Next Green Wave (NXGWF) (NGW) announced that they would begin trading on the OTCQB Venture Market. This will give investors a large amount of access to information regarding Next Green Wave. Executive Chairman of NGW, Leigh Hughes, stated that “The team here at NGW is proud to qualify for a listing on the OTCQB marketplace, as it represents a significant milestone in the development of our Company.”

Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC) (WEED) is considered to be one of the top five marijuana-based companies throughout the world. Canopy showed that their share price shot up by as much as 6% during intraday trading beating its previous close by that same number. Canopy is a massive grower of raw cannabis-based out of Canada.

Of course, the stock price is still recovering from the past few months of downtrends given some legislative hardships in the market. Many have stated that at the current price Canopy stands, it is a solid buy and potentially a value due to its future potential. Canopy has also shown a large amount of volume in trading which has helped to give investors a newfound sense of trust in the liquidity of pot stocks. For these reasons, Canopy can be viewed as a solid gauge for the future of the industry.

One of the main driving issues in the cannabis market is that it has largely been driven by speculative trading in the past six months. Given the market’s overall infancy, this seems more than expected, however, things look as though they are taking a turn for the stable. Many companies have announced large billion dollar deals which have helped to bring investor trust in cannabis to a new high level. All in all, the next few years are extremely instrumental in cementing growth and further stability throughout the world of marijuana stocks.

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