Marijuana Stocks Riding Post Christmas High Holiday time has been known to be... Marijuana Stocks Newsletter – Thursday, December 27, 2018

Marijuana Stocks Riding Post Christmas High
Holiday time has been known to be a fervent producer of uptrends in the market for many years. With the most recent downward spike that much of the stock market has taken, several marijuana stocks have been able to forgo this negative volatility.
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Is Marijuana Legalization a Good Choice?
Marijuana has become a hotbed of legislative measures for some time now. We’ve seen the majority of U.S. states legalize cannabis for either recreational or medical purposes which has been extremely beneficial to not only the public but the state as well.
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Christmas Came Early for Marijuana Stocks
The marijuana stock market has been extremely fortunate to forgo much of the greater market volatility that has left many with a bearish sentiment. Many companies in the industry who produce pure-play cannabis are working to keep up their production for the holidays. Given that cannabis has become more of a commodity than anything, it is hard to say that growth will slow down anytime soon. This is especially considering the extremely high demand for cannabis around the world as well as the changing laws in select parts of North America and Europe.
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