Marijuana Stocks Begin To Rebound: One Cannabis Company Taking Big Steps ForwardThere has been major progress made and a heavy emphasis on global expansion.... Marijuana Stocks Newsletter – October 12, 2018

Marijuana Stocks Begin To Rebound: One Cannabis Company Taking Big Steps Forward
There has been major progress made and a heavy emphasis on global expansion. With Canada’s legalization right around the corner, the timing could be perfect to put a strong focus back on a company that delivered strong grain potential in the past with engines ready to do it again. We’ve been “Connecting the Dots” for about a month now and our newest “Connect The Dots” feature, Integrated Cannabis Company (ICNAF)(ICAN) continues its bull run. Heading into the new week (right before Canada goes fully legal), here’s what we’re watching closely with our latest feature.
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The Latest IPO To Hit Canada: A Must See

One of the most anticipated marijuana stock IPO’s this month has many looking at THIS ONE COMPANY for potential. Though the excitement is on Canada right now, we can’t forget that the US market is still in its “early stages”. One of the hottest markets, which is in California, continues to present massive opportunity especially considering its recent move to go legal for medical and recreational cannabis.
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Taking a Closer Look At The Jobs Within The Cannabis Industry
Along with bringing massive gains to investors over the course of the past few months to years, the cannabis industry’s growth has also brought with it a whole new slew of jobs and markets for individuals to get in on. With everything from the ancillary industry associated with cannabis to helping to sell the plant at the retail level, it seems as though this is just the beginning of job growth in the cannabis sector.
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