Marijuana Stocks Newsletter – November 12, 2018

MJStocks Monday Morning Update – November 12, 2018

Marijuana Stocks Correct After Major Uptrend
The marijuana stock market in recent times saw a major boost after the midterm elections and subsequent resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Although these speculative happenings continue to affect the world of cannabis, corrections in the market are of course a possibility. Several companies saw their stocks shoot up amidst the aforementioned news, but the real value for cannabis remains in the long term.
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Big Deals In Cannabis Sector Could Set The Stage For Growth Ahead!
How great would it have been to invest in some of the alcohol companies just after prohibition ended on beer, wine, and spirits? Some would compare that windfall to some of the biggest stock market successes in the history of public companies. Just as it was important then, it is just as relevant now to not only do your homework but to also connect as many dots as possible, early on when it comes to marijuana stocks!
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Cannabiotech is Beginning to Take Over
The cannabis industry over the course of the past few years has been one of the most lucrative spaces to invest in and watch. As legalization continues to be approved around the nation and various countries throughout the world, the introduction of the biotech space into cannabis has sparked a whole new series of innovations for the future of health.
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