MJStocks Wednesday Morning Update – January 9, 2019 How Could This... Marijuana Stocks Newsletter – January 9, 2019

MJStocks Wednesday Morning Update – January 9, 2019

How Could This NEW TREND Disrupt An Entire Market?
The way people receive health care, including medical marijuana is evolving. Advancements in telemedicine and artificial intelligence are making way for innovative health care approaches that combine human skill-based expertise with emerging technologies.
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Momentum Has Begun To Build Again With This “Deal Based” MJStock
Priceline provides the best deals on travel. Similarly, One Company is the most comprehensive online source for cannabis deals and specials. Their online outlet is helping to connect millions of consumers daily. What Priceline.com did for the global travel industry, This Company could soon do for the thriving cannabis industry…even better yet, it is [right now] seeing immense growth!
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Marijuana Stocks See Uptrend Through Beginning of 2019

Since the beginning of the new year, marijuana stocks and the general market have remained in an uptrend. Looking at last year, this seems like quite the saving grace as many believed the market would continue its steep downtrend. While this most recent bullish reversal is good news, we are in no way out of the water. However, it seems as though cannabis is moving towards its billion-dollar future goals quite quickly.
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