The cannabis market has managed to continue to boom for some time now, and the smaller stocks in the industry are also benefitting from... Marijuana Stocks Continues to Benefit the Little Guys

The cannabis market has managed to continue to boom for some time now, and the smaller stocks in the industry are also benefitting from the correlation between the market. As new innovation continues to hit the space, more and more investors are becoming comfortable with the idea of investing in the cannabis space. In addition, various new ways to invest in the market have made it that much more open for the coming months.

The company Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE:CGC) should come as no surprise and is definitely not one of the smaller guys, but the stock is important to note as it has a high correlation with most of the smaller stocks in the industry. As one of the leaders of the market, the company has been working to supply Canada with massive amounts of cannabis as the substance becomes recreationally legal in the near future. According to one report “To further solidify their leading position in the market, the Company expects to add an additional 5,000,000 sq. ft. of production over the next 12 months. On July 10, the Company announced its acquisition of Hiku Brands Company Ltd., a licensed vertically integrated producer with vast retail operations across Canada.” In addition to their vertical integration to the market, the company has been working with a new almost $4 billion investment in the form of stock purchases from the company Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ), which has helped to value the market as a whole.

The company Cannex Capital Holdings is one of the smaller companies in the space and has been working with the physical cannabis plant. According to one report “Cannex Group Holdings Inc. is a Canada based company with operations in Washington and California. The Company is focused on premium indoor cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and branding of edible and derivative products, as well as retail operations.” The fact that they have hands in the U.S. market in two of the most prominent states for cannabis, means that they have a large amount of exposure to the market in a more widespread manor than most. The company has also stated that they plan to have a more than 30,000 sq. Ft of growing potential in the coming future, combined with one of the highest yields in the cannabis space as a whole. All of this information makes Cannex one of the interesting companies to watch in the near future.

The last company on the list is the company Marapharm Ventures (MRPHF). Marapharm works and “grows marijuana for medical purposes. The Company focuses on the production of medical marijuana products. Marapharm Ventures conducts business in Canada.” Because of their exposure to the Canadian market given the advent of recreational legalization on October 17th, the company is poised perfectly to take advantage of this new legislation. The company has recently been working on the growth of new bio-secure facilities that will help to make their yield one of the highest in the market as a whole. Linda Sampson, the CEO of the company stated recently that “As a Canadian based company, we are confident about the demand and anticipated size of the Canadian cannabis market. This strategic alliance is mutually beneficial and will bring great shareholder value.” All in all, Marapharm remains at the top of the list for potential to benefit from the new and growing cannabis space.

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