The summer of this year has been hailed as one of the most important summers for the cannabis industry since its began. With new... Marijuana Stocks Continue to Boom as Summer Comes to an End

The summer of this year has been hailed as one of the most important summers for the cannabis industry since its began. With new investments in the cannabis space and the addition of alcohol distributors and producers getting involved in the weed industry, it seems as though now is a better time than ever to look at cannabis. Many companies have come to the forefront of the industry given new legislation and the changing public perception of the substance, and as the market continues to develop, so does the competition and innovation throughout the industry.

One of the companies that has continued to be on investors watches has been the company Cannabis Sativa (CBDS). Some may be scared away by its listing on the OTC market, but the company has been working to sell a large variety of hemp and hemp related products. According to one report “Its lineup includes several CBD and THC infused goods, sold through a variety of different venues. Presto Doctor, Wild Earth Naturals, White Rabbit and hi Dispensaries are just some of the names operating under the Cannabis Sativa umbrella.” All of these brands have continued to help the company innovate and move forward on its path toward the future of the cannabis space.

The company Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY) has been one of the larger players in the cannabis industry for a few years now and has recently been operating as one of the biggest growers of the raw cannabis plant in the market throughout Canada. The company posted their fiscal Q2 report for the first time as a publicity traded company last month, which showed a nearly doubling of revenues. One of the most promising aspects of the business, however, is the introduction of legal cannabis throughout Canada for recreational use. This is expected to go into effect on October 17th, and Tilray looks as though it is poised perfectly to take advantage of this new space.

The company Insys Therapeutics (NASDAQ:INSY) has been one of the key pharmaceutical players in the market and has been working to develop new medicines using cannabis as the backbone for their drug research. According to one report, the company has several drugs on the market. One of which is “ Sybsys is a sublingual spray approved for the treatment of pain in cancer patients, and Syndros is an oral solution that treats people suffering an HIV-related loss of appetites or the nausea and vomiting often resulting from anti-cancer medications. Several more are in the works.” Companies that have been working to create these new types of drugs have been some of the most important for growth in the cannabis space and for that reason, have helped to develop the industry as a whole.

The cannabis market has been one of the most important industries to watch over the course of the past several years. As new developments in legislation and various aspects of the market continue to hit the news, it seems as though cannabis is surely an industry to watch for the future. The hopes are high that the market can keep up its massive uptrend as we move toward the next few months.


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