The marijuana industry saw quite a rough week toward the beginning of March,... Marijuana Stocks Bounce Back

The marijuana industry saw quite a rough week toward the beginning of March, along with the rest of the stock market. Well, these fluctuations do seem to be quite normal, they are without a doubt quite difficult to predict. As we begin to move into the second half of the month, it seems as though cannabis stocks are back up as future predictions once again look to be in reach. Several stocks have seen a large amount of bullish sentiment from investors, and the whole of the cannabis market seems to be back in full swing.

Global Consortium (GCGX) is one of the leading investment firms within the cannabis industry. The company has hands all over the marijuana market, which gives them the upper hand in terms of having a broad coverage of the sector.

The company did see some bearish sentiment in the past few weeks, which brought the price down quite a bit along with most of the popular companies in the cannabis industry. Despite this, it seems as though pricing for the company has begun to bounce back as bullish momentum once again takes over.

The company has a few very exciting announcements in the works which could be leading the fight for the recent uptick in price. One of the pieces of news to come from the company is that they have been working with their subsidiary, Infused Edibles, to begin producing high-quality edible cannabis products. Investors seem to be quite excited that the deal is now in motion. This could help them to see as much as $50,000 in revenue per week as they continue to push through this lucrative deal.

The more exciting news to come out of the company is the fact that they are building the world’s first Cannabis Mall. When the facility is complete, it will be a completely vertically integrated location with everything from cultivation to manufacturing and distribution housed internally. Additionally, it will also serve as a delivery and retail operation which could bring in a large amount of consumers and capital to the company.

If all that wasn’t enough, they have also stated that it will be one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the U.S. for the production of THC and CBD distillates. All of these factors continue to make Global Consortium Inc. an extremely exciting company to watch.

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) is on the other hand, one of the largest producers of marijuana in the whole of the industry. The company has stated that they have the ability to grow almost 600,000 kilograms of cannabis per year when operating at peak capacity. This is quite astounding, and could also continue to grow as the market as a whole is projected to see 35% year-over-year growth for the next five years.

Of course, there are a lot of factors to consider when looking at Aurora, but what investors should keep n note is that the companies at the top of the market are helping to illustrate the growth as it trickles throughout the industry. Aurora Cannabis does seem to be a good place to start but bear in mind, it does see a large brunt of the volatility that sweeps through the whole market.

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