Marijuana Stock Investors Continue to Watch for Bullish Trends

The marijuana industry over the course of the past year has seen a large amount of publicity over the fast-paced market structure. Because of the updates to legislation and the changing nationwide and worldwide stance on the substance, it seems as though cannabis finally has the green light.

Investing in the marijuana industry has also become quite popular in the present day. Many companies have been able to find listings on the NYSE and NASDAQ which has brought with it a great deal of publicity and shifting mindsets throughout the market. All in all, cannabis remains one of the most exciting industries of the modern day.

Nabis Holdings (INNPF/NAB) is one of the primary investment companies in businesses that work within the marijuana sector. The company recently announced that they are entering into a binding letter of intent to purchase assets from the company PDT Technologies. These assets include everything from extraction to production equipment as well as the rights to lease a production facility based in Washington.

According to one report “Nabis Holdings is a Canadian investment issuer that invests in high quality cash flowing assets across multiple industries including real property, securities, cryptocurrency and all aspects of the U.S. and International cannabis sector.” One of the main assets of the company is that it is headed by two executives from the biopharmaceutical industry.

Their former company, MPX Bioceutical, had one of the largest takeovers in the U.S. cannabis space to date which has helped to give investors a newfound sense of trust in the company. The company has stated that their main focus is on revenue generation as well as EBITDA and growth, which they have been working to achieve through complete vertical integration of their business.

Vertical integration in the cannabis market is one of the highest rated business models overall. It allows for two very important aspects that can sometimes lead to high success rates. The first of those is that it improves the margins for a given company as there are no middle men in the way of profit. The second is that it allows for a large amount of control over the company and the product they are producing. Nabis Holdings should continue to be watched by investors all across the marijuana stock market.

Innoative Industrial Properties (NYSE:IIPR) is a similar companies in terms of the fact that they invest in cannabis-based businesses. As an REIT, they have been working to continue building their market cap which currently stands somewhere around $450 million. Innovative Industrial Properties has also been working to build out the businesses that they work with by offering them plans on growth and more specifically, property management. All of this has led to a 150% growth number over the past one year period.

As cannabis continues to skyrocket amidst new laws and so on, many companies will hopefully be able to benefit from the new industry. Only time will tell how well these businesses can continue to compete amongst growing competition in the market.

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