Dear Seed Investor,   The next stage of the marijuana boom starts now.   If you’re reading this, you’re going to get a head... Marijuana Powerhouse Surprise Move Reveals Rapidly Emerging Marijuana Hot Spot As Aurora Cannabis (TSX | NYSE: ACB) invests C$20 million into Choom Holdings (OTC:CHOOF | CSE:CHOO)

Dear Seed Investor,


The next stage of the marijuana boom starts now.


If you’re reading this, you’re going to get a head start on it all too.


Earlier today, Aurora Cannabis (TSX | NYSE: ACB) just announced it will invest C$20 million (about US$15 million) into Choom Holdings (OTC:CHOOF | CSE:CHOO).


This massive investment from a world-leading marijuana grower is the clearest signal yet the future of legal marijuana is in retail.


This is a big deal for so many reasons:

1. The Biggest Race In Legal Marijuana Is Just Getting Started – Recreational use marijuana is finally legal in Canada. The race is on to build out brand, stores, and retail networks across the country.

2. A True Win-Win Situation – Aurora is one of the largest marijuana growers in the world with a market value of $8 billion. Choom has been focused on building a brand and retail store network. It’s a perfect match.

3. Accelerating Choom’s Already Rapid Growth – Choom has taken a lead in marijuana retail. It has already developed 45 retail opportunities in Western Canada. This investment from Aurora will give Choom the extra financial firepower to speed up its already sizeable expansion plans and further capitalize on its early success in the marijuana retail sector.

4. Recent Correction In Marijuana Stocks Is A Gift – Marijuana stocks have slid steadily ever since Canada fully legalize marijuana. This huge investment shows Canada fully legalizing marijuana wasn’t the end, but the beginning for companies like Choom which have been preparing for full legalization for so long.


Again, this is a massive deal.


It provides overwhelming proof the future of the marijuana industry is in retail.


We’ve only scratched the surface here though.


If you’re looking for the next big trend in marijuana, follow this link for a complete breakdown of this massive deal by the Seed Investor.


High profits,



The Seed Investor


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