Translated From Spanish – Original Source The project will be carried out on state lands. A US company will contribute 100% of the funds, and... Jujuy signed an agreement to grow and produce cannabis

Translated From Spanish – Original Source

The project will be carried out on state lands. A US company will contribute 100% of the funds, and will keep 70% of the profits.

The government of Jujuy, through Cannabis Avatãra State Society (Cannava SE), signed a commercial agreement for the start of the cultivation and production of cannabis, with the American company Player’s Network (Green Leaf Farms), informed official sources.

“We are very advanced and Jujuy is the first province that got very busy with this project. We are very close to import permits for seeds and we have already foreseen where they are going to produce, “said the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales.

The signature of the agreement, which was made on the estate of El Pongo farm, near the city of Perico, was in charge of the head of Cannabis Avatara SE, Gastón Morales (son of the governor of Jujuy) and Mark Bradley, CEO of the company North American. 

The US firm, which has been working in this field for more than seven years, will contribute 100% of the funds for the project to begin -the first stage, of pilot cultivation, is around 500,000 dollars- and will keep 70% of the the net earnings. The province will contribute the state lands and obtain the remaining 30% of the benefits.

“We are accelerating the process strongly, because we want to start the crop as soon as possible, they will be five kilos of seeds of between 20 and 30 varieties,” Cannabis president Avatara Se and son of the governor, Gastón Morales , reported in  Cadena 3  .

In a few weeks the pilot cultivation stage will be carried out, which “will identify which genetic strain is best adapted to the soil, climate and water conditions of the state lands”, according to Morales.

“Thus, finally, an approved industrial scale plan will be designed to produce medical cannabis not only for the province, but also on a national and international scale, which is why it is a very big challenge,” he said.

And he stressed that “this crop, besides being the first in the country, will be one hundred percent organic.”

In this way Jujuy proceeds to initiate the cannabis production plan with therapeutic applications, crops that will take place in said farm, informed official sources. The next stage will be the installation of a laboratory in Perico where Jujuy will produce and sell cannabis oil throughout the country, they added.

As reported, the first phase of the pilot cultivation plan includes the germination of the seeds, then the transplant will come to the open field and from there the analysis and testing of the adaptation of the different varieties of cannabis plants to the climate of the province.

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