The beginning of the new year has already gotten off to a swift... January Starts Off Strong for Marijuana Stocks

The beginning of the new year has already gotten off to a swift start for growth in marijuana stocks. The top players in the industry all seem to be up on a high note with some shooting up right below 10% or so. Now, of course, this is not the be all end all of a good year for cannabis stocks as volatility is one of the key characteristics of the market, but it does show that sentiment is still quite high for the industry.

Well, small-cap stocks in the cannabis market have shown a large amount of promise, the mid-cap and large-cap stocks may be a better choice for those looking in the long term. These stocks have massive growth principles and have been working to secure large facilities to put their products in the top tier of the world.

One of the best mid-cap stocks that we have seen is Next Green Wave (NXGWF) (NGW). Next Green Wave is a vertical producer of cannabis-based out of California. The company made headlines recently after listing on the OTCQB venture market which is quite a big step and will help them to have the capital they need to build out their business.

After the announcement of this new platform for trading, the stock jumped by as much as 10% during the trading day. Leigh Hughes, the executive chairman of Next Green Wave stated that “Since we listed on the CSE, we’ve had a huge amount of interest out of the U.S.”

The U.S. cannabis market has seen a large amount of growth due to states choosing to put in new legislation to allow adult-use markets to flourish. Companies that are working to list on U.S. exchanges such as Next Green Wave have also been able to benefit from this high interest.

One of the largest issues in the cannabis space is that of building free capital. Since new cannabis growth companies are so capital intensive, methods of raising money and renewed investor interest seem to be principles of growth in the market. Next Green Wave looks as though they will continue to take advantage of this in the coming future.

Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE:CGC) has remained quite volatile in recent times. Despite large movements in their stock, the position that Canopy is in makes them one of the better picks for the new year and beyond. Canopy currently has the largest number of supply agreements for the Canadian cannabis market of all the large cannabis businesses. Their $4 billion investment from Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ), the producer of alcoholic beverages such as Corona and Modelo, has helped to give investors a newfound sense of trust in the business.

One of the other factors that make Canopy such a solid pick is the fact that they have been working to build their business into the international cannabis market. The international industry on cannabis in places like Germany is estimated to be worth somewhere in the billions in the coming future. The only issue that currently stands is that of legislation. If we can continue to solve these large legislative issues, cannabis can continue to flourish throughout the greater market.

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