The changing tide of legislation in the marijuana industry has made the future of the market continue to look bright for investors as we... Is Now The Time to Invest in Marijuana Stocks?

The changing tide of legislation in the marijuana industry has made the future of the market continue to look bright for investors as we look ahead to the next few years. With new laws going into place in the U.S. and abroad in places such as Canada and Germany, the market is on pace to continue growing with a massive amount of ferocity for the future. One of the biggest pieces of news to hit the market has been the legalization of cannabis nationwide in Canada for recreational use.

G7 marijuana stocksThis is the first time that a G7 nation has put in this type of legislation and the public is still waiting to see how it will play out. The actual ability to purchase recreational cannabis is scheduled to happen sometime within the next few months. Some companies have shown massive amounts of promise in the industry and both the up and coming as well as the well-seasoned public companies could be set to capitalize on the new opportunities ahead.

Marapharm Ventures Inc. (MDM) (MRPHF) recently signed a letter that will allow them to take over Full Spectrum Medicinal Inc, another cannabusiness-based company. According to one report, “Marapharm Ventures will merge Full Spectrum application with Health Canada Application. It helps to become a licensed cannabis manufacturer of premium flower for commercial use. The company will be able to deliver organic and quality cannabis products in a cost-effective way and boost profits.”

The Canadian market has continued to present a large amount of promise as mentioned before, and Marapharm looks to be one of the main companies that could benefit from this new legislation, especially with their eyes set on growth in the U.S.’s northern neighbor.

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The company works to build engineered bio-secure facilities, which are extremely scalable and energy efficient. One of the largest issues in the market has been the high cost and uses of energy, which can end up making a product significantly more expensive. With the technology from Marapharm, not only can products be cheaper than usual, but consumers can be sure that they are saving as much energy as possible. The company also works by producing the raw cannabis plant and is in the process of entering the edible and oil markets as well so that they can be sustained for long-term growth.

Canopy Growth (WEED) (CGC) has been at the forefront of the cannabis revolution for some time as one of the main and largest producers of cannabis in all of Canada. The company has benefitted greatly off of the new legislation out of Canada as mentioned prior, and continues to benefit the company.

Canopy Growth has also been working to become one of the major exporters of cannabis in Canada to various markets around the world. If legalization is able to occur nationwide in the U.S., this could mean an even larger market for Canopy in the near future. The cannabis market is still however very much in its infant stages which means that there is a lot of room to grow over the course of the next few years.

The hopes are high that the combination of new legislation and the changing public opinion, will both help to shape how this industry reaches its full potential in the near future. Only time will tell how well these new efforts and the various companies in the industry help to make all of this a possibility.

Capital raises and M&A activity in the cannabis industry within the first 5 weeks of 2018 alone saw investments into cannabis companies surpass $1.2 billion. This was the equivalent of the industry’s deals in 2016, in total.

This continues to support the idea that there is still a long and opportune road ahead for investors. The pioneering days of this market saw companies in the US take advantage of the hype but now it’s more about diversification and how certain marijuana companies are tailoring their business to meet the global demand catalysts.

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