With legislation allowing the growth of legal cannabis in many states throughout the... Is Growing Cannabis as Easy as it Looks?

With legislation allowing the growth of legal cannabis in many states throughout the U.S., many have wondered how easy it really is to grow marijuana. One of the biggest pulls for deciding to grow cannabis on one’s own is the fact that taxes still remain quite high in most of the states that have legalized the substance thus far.

With the accessibility of knowledge to grow cannabis on the rise, it seems as though marijuana horticulture is one of the best ways to combat the high prices of the substance in the current day.

Is Your Climate Right for Growing Marijuana?

One of the most important factors to growing weed outdoors is the climate in which one is growing. Cannabis is a plant that can adapt greatly to varying climates, but this does not mean any area is suitable for growing weed.

Just as cold temperatures in the 50s can stunt a plants growth, extremely high temperatures can also do the same. Additionally, large amounts of wind and rain can physically damage a plant as well as reducing the overall amount of the substance that can be produced in a given yield.

Another important factor to consider is how much daylight a plant will get. In more northern latitudes, plants will be able to get more sunlight upwards of 15 hours per day, with southern latitudes reducing that by a few hours. This also changes depending on the time of year as well.

Which Marijuana Plants Should You Grow?

Just as there are a variety of types of vegetables and plants, marijuana comes in a large range of strains. These strains can all grow differently depending on the climate, and some are more suited to certain areas than others. One of the good rules of thumb to live by is if others are growing weed in your area, there’s a good chance yours will grow as well.

Keep in mind that some strains are made specifically to be grown in certain regions. One of the best resources is a local dispensary. At these businesses, those behind the counter often have experience growing the plant and can steer you in the right direction in terms of strain and whether or not the substance can grow in a given area.

What to Grow In?

The cannabis plant can grow quite easily in the right climate, but it also depends heavily on the makeup of the soil being used. Soil is made up of several different compounds such as clay and sand.

These compounds in varying mixes can aid or destroy a plant. Cannabis plants need to have a large amount of organic matter as well as a solid way to drain excess water to prevent drowning the plant. If all of this is researched, it may make it easier than ever to grow a marijuana plant.

The reality is that growing marijuana is not nearly as hard as some make it seem. With the proper research and materials, marijuana growth may be able to work for anyone, and save you a few bucks in the process.

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