Peapack, New Jersey (October 16, 2019) – PRESS RELEASE – dammabis Company, a new start-up, has created a digital asset management system to help cannabis...

Peapack, New Jersey (October 16, 2019) – PRESS RELEASE – dammabis Company, a new start-up, has created a digital asset management system to help cannabis businesses better control their media assets for marketing. The system will now allow these businesses to secure, store and manage their video, photos, music, animations and multimedia resources to market their growing product more cost-effectively.

By using the system, cannabis businesses will be able to create stronger brand loyalty and packaging as well as more easily connect with their clients through social and digital media marketing.

Currently, the cannabis industry–also known as “cannabusiness”–is creatively using its digital assets to build brand loyalty, connect with a diverse client base and develop strategic alliances. Fast-growing cannabis companies are producing huge volumes of rich media content to continually create their brand and packaging and connect with their clients. Now, dammabis® Company can help these businesses seeking more cost-effective systems to organize, manage, store and retrieve as well as protect their valuable digital assets find the answer.

The recently launched dammabis® Company blends its name with the words Digital Asset Management (DAM) and cannabis, which is the industry that dammabis is focused on serving. DAM is a business process that provides companies with the software to store and manage their digital assets. DAM is also an infrastructure that provides the capability to rapidly identify, locate and retrieve a rights-cleared specific digital asset or collection of similar content elements.

Typically, a rapidly growing cannabis company has its valuable digital content stored on a variety of servers, laptops and smartphones usually in multiple locations. Often a company’s marketing team is unsure how to quickly locate and organize these critical assets, and a professional may spend hours searching for and retrieving content. Then, the company needs to confirm the digital rights and use permissions, a process which also consumes much time.

DAM provides cannabis companies with a reliable and secure, cloud-based repository for all their digital assets and rights to ensure that assets don’t ‘go up in smoke.’ The heart of the dammabis system is highly scalable, software-as-service (SaaS) technology that organizes, stores, retrieves and distributes multimedia content. The software also manages digital rights and restricts access based on the user’s level of permission to gain entry.

According to Frank DeCarlo, founder and CEO of dammabis, “We’re amazed by innovative content that cannabis companies have created to produce powerful digital marketing campaigns. One factor that slows down content development is the creative team’s inability to rapidly find and access their media assets. But that’s where dammabis and its services only begins.”

He added, “Our company can secure and store signage for a dispensary and franchise content, lab testing procedures, farming and harvesting instructional videos, and more. Where content is used, we can help solve the core ‘findability and rights’ problems.”

DeCarlo and his team are willing to review a cannabis company’s media content and make recommendations about how to best manage those assets. A simplified review and analysis take about 30 minutes, and this assessment is being offered free of charge for the first ten companies that respond to this

DeCarlo explained that DAM is a set of database records containing metadata tags that identify each file. The metatags sort content by its format (JPEG, PDF, audio or video) and enhances a team’s ability to “search” for an asset. The better the tags, the better the search! The tags also describe the asset content, who owns it and rights of access.

Companies may request a demo and analysis of their practices of storing and retrieving media assets by contacting Mr. DeCarlo directly at or visiting

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