For a long time, many seniors have held onto their beliefs about marijuana and hemp, lumping the medicinal uses together with the recreational high.... How Seniors Are Changing Their Views and Attitudes of CBD and Medical Cannabis

For a long time, many seniors have held onto their beliefs about marijuana and hemp, lumping the medicinal uses together with the recreational high. They bought into the ideas that were spread around when they were young from the war on drugs that manipulated the public image of the once medicinally and practically used plant, cannabis.

But something has been happening in recent years. Perhaps because with time or all of the recent social acceptance of marijuana and hemp, seniors are gradually changing their minds. Some may still hold onto those old beliefs and fears about recreational drugs, but the movement for medically prescribed CBD has been the push that they needed.

Now more than ever, seniors are looking for more options for common health problems. Some may have faced using medicines that have not worked effectively or left them with lousy side effects. In the late years they are having pains, trouble sleeping and maybe finding it harder to relax and enjoy their lives in retirement.

Due to recent efforts to differentiate hemp from marijuana and CBD from THC, seniors are coming to a new understanding of their different uses and benefits. While many seniors may still hold the old beliefs about getting high, they are very interested in having relief from pain, increasing their appetite and natural health benefits.

They know that many painkillers cannot be used long-term without severe consequence and do not want to face the opiate addiction crisis, or they are recovering from a pain killer addiction themselves. But what other options did they have when they’re so desperate for solutions?

This is why CBD is becoming more accepted and widely used by the senior population. They now understand the difference between getting high and the pain relief benefits of CBD, that the painkillers prescribed by doctors are more dangerous than cannabis could ever be, and they are looking for solutions that they may have never considered in their youth.

With the arthritic benefits as well, CBD can even help with a multitude of relief. They may have previously even been taking multiple medications for each one of these concerns. Not only is CBD a cheaper alternative, but it also means they won’t have to take an excessive amount of pills and medicines.

Some seniors may still because of the legal status of cannabis at a federal level, but in many states where they can now be prescribed CBD by doctors, they are quickly changing their minds. Especially since they can now find CBD options that have negligible amounts of THC.

Seniors are now sustaining a large portion of the recent growth in the CBD industry. Many of them need relief on a daily basis and may be struggling with a serious illness that only CBD can give them adequate support for. This means they need a huge supply of CBD, and the costs for them may still be more effective than pharmaceutical options. Even individuals with no serious diagnosis may find that CBD helps them relieve many of the aches and pains of natural aging.

For a part of the population that may be supported by social security and has likely retired, cost-effective options are more important than ever. They may have even been struggling to afford medication. CBD is not only seen as a lifesaver, but it is increasingly more the most logical option for seniors, and they know it! They’re finding they can experience a higher quality of life without the unwanted side effects of western medicines.

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