Marijuana has long been a discrete part of daily life in the US. While it was once only associated with young people in their... How edibles are quickly becoming the preferred choice for many legal cannabis users

Marijuana has long been a discrete part of daily life in the US. While it was once only associated with young people in their rebellious years, however, it’s become so normal that it’s the new recreational pastime of the middle aged according to a recent article in the Washington Post

The number of those who smoke is on the rise in general, though statistics disagree on whether its new popularity is a result of it now being legal recreationally in Washington D.C. as well as nine other states. You don’t just have to smoke weed anymore either. Smokers are developing the habit of ingesting cannabis. In fact, cannabis infused gummy bears or peach flavored fruit tarts are the new normal. Marijuana edibles have become the latest trend.


It’s tough to draw a conclusion that offers one unanimous explanation. Some feel that ingesting THC is less harmful than drawing it into their lungs. Others claim it’s a more subtle high that doesn’t come on as suddenly as it would if they were inhaling from a bong or vaporizer.

It’s hard to resist tasty snacks

Marijuana edibles on the market tend to be made with the kind of imaginative ingredients you would only otherwise have the pleasure of enjoying in a farmer’s market or gourmet shop. What’s not to like about chocolate covered pot dipped marshmallows? How can you not want a scoop or two of marijuana laced cheesecake ice cream? Gluten-free peanut, parsley and cinnamon biscuits are absolutely sublime even when they don’t contain THC. “It’s been my passion to make medical marijuana not only highly effective, but deliciously amazing,” says the owner of a California dispensary.

Doses are listed on the packaging or on the menus of restaurants that sell marijuana edibles

Everyone’s data and information driven these days. The new cannabis consumer wants to know the precise quantity of THC that they’re indulging in. They may like the calm and tranquility of being high, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to get so stoned that they’re unable to do anything but meditate on their own toes for hours afterwards.

Privacy issues

The scent of pot wafting through the hall outside the door of your apartment may reveal too much information about your personal life to your neighbors than you’re comfortable with. You can munch on edibles without any great fanfare. Maybe you don’t want to attract attention to yourself when getting a little faded on a park bench one lovely day even if pot is legal in the area where you live.

Edibles are more economical

Marijuana can be really expensive. The exotic stuff can cost an arm and a leg. Recipes for how to make edibles are readily available. You don’t need to spend $100 on the best strain. You can just buy a small pinch and prepare yourself an edible treat with it that will give you a light buzz and help you to continue with your daily activities.

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