Thousands of veterans have been pressuring state and federal authorities to legalize medicinal cannabis for years. Now that political pressure is beginning to ease... How CBD Is Helping Soldiers Who Suffer From PTSD

Thousands of veterans have been pressuring state and federal authorities to legalize medicinal cannabis for years. Now that political pressure is beginning to ease on studies related to therapeutic effects of marijuana, new findings are beginning to come to light. With overwhelming support from the public for changes in legislation, the demands of military veterans are beginning to take hold in legislative houses across the country.

The issue at hand as it relates to CBD is the drug’s effectiveness for military veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Although most people have heard of PTSD, the disorder is still not very well understood. However, people are aware that it is a widespread problem for military veterans. Medical cannabis oil is becoming a more popular treatment for this disorder.

PTSD is a psychological disorder that is caused by trauma. It is often characterized as a repetitive re-experiencing of the previous trauma by the afflicted person. In these episodes, the part of the brain that controls fear is activated, which causes the person to relive the traumatic event in a more real sense. This tends to occur in the presence of stressful circumstances or similar types of conditions to those that were present during the past traumas.

People with PTSD suffer a variety of symptoms. Some of these include recurring nightmares, substance abuse, detachment and emotional numbness. Once the fear reactions are triggered by stimuli such as fireworks or speeding cars, PTSD sufferers are unable to free themselves of the fearful feelings. These episodes can be so severe that they make normal daily activities impossible and they have negative effects on physical health.

Because many of the current treatments are ineffective, PTSD sometimes leads to suicide. This causes many people to question whether there are any ways to help people with the disorder. Therapy has helped reduce the severity of symptoms, but it has been argued that the disorder never goes away completely.

One ray of hope in the fight against PTSD is cannabis oil or CBD oil. According to many patients, this drug has significantly helped reduce the symptoms of their disorder. Official research has been difficult to achieve because of political red tape, but studies have so far shown promising results. In studies conducted with military veterans, participants have claimed that they found relief with CBD oil where other treatments have failed.

These findings have been so encouraging that the Drug Enforcement Agency has approved studies for therapeutic applications of cannabis as a medicinal drug. This is an important milestone because it will catalyze more research and progress in the use of CBD for treating PTSD and many other diseases.

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