GTEC Holdings Ltd. (GTEC.V) (GGTTF) (“GTEC” or the “Company“) is pleased to announce its portfolio of craft cannabis brands. GTEC’s primary focus is on... GTEC Holdings Ltd. $GTEC.V $GGTTF Announces Launch of Six Unique Craft Cannabis Brands

GTEC Holdings Ltd. (GTEC.V) (GGTTF) (“GTEC” or the “Company“) is pleased to announce its portfolio of craft cannabis brands.

GTEC’s primary focus is on cultivating, testing, processing, marketing and selling premium quality craft cannabis, with full control from seed to shelf. Therefore, the company is developing a range of premium-quality products, based on superior genetics, small batches, indoor cultivation, optimized curing, and hand trimming.

The company recognizes the importance of complementing its premium quality cannabis with a compelling marketing mix that effectively communicates with specific consumer segments.   Accordingly, GTEC has created and trademarked a diverse portfolio of craft cannabis brands.

All of these brands will be used to market premium quality cannabis products; however, each has been designed to resonate with a unique target market.

BLK MKT ™ A homage to the legacy of cannabis prohibition. BLK MKT ™ has been designed to resonate with experienced cannabis consumers who seek high THC strains.

COGNŌSCENTE ™ For the sophisticated aficionado who appreciates excellence in flavour, aroma and terpene profiles.

TENZO ™ A balanced lifestyle brand, with a variety of strains and products to provide a diverse palette of desired effects to its consumer.

TREE HUGGER ™ A superior line of organic cannabis products. An earthy and approachable brand for the consumer who demands purity in an environmentally friendly product.

FN ™ A speciality brand that will be deployed in partnership with our First Nations partners, to celebrate and honour the first Canadians.

GREENTEC ™ A flagship brand catering to the medical market, designed specifically to aid and support patients with various ailments that respond positively to cannabinoids.

“It was exciting to take on the creative challenge of branding GTEC’s premium cannabis products” said David Lynn , Chief Operating Officer. “We certainly feel that our diversified brand and product portfolio will align well with the multifaceted nature of the craft cannabis market”.

“It was a challenging yet exciting experience to help create the strategy and visuals for our brand portfolio. Diving into the minds of new and experienced cannabis users, in order to truly understand what they were looking for in this market was enlightening,” commented Adil Hirji , Creative Director.

“I’m very proud of the work our team has done in creating the GTEC brand portfolio” commented Norton Singhavon, Board Chair & CEO. “I believe that robust brands, supported by effective marketing, will be critical to GTEC’s future success in the premium cannabis market”.

About GTEC

GTEC was founded in 2017 to capitalize on opportunities in the nascent and rapidly growing legal cannabis industry. GTEC is a public corporation listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and based in Kelowna, British Columbia . GTEC is focused on growing premium quality craft cannabis in purpose-built indoor facilities. GTEC currently holds a 100% interest in GreenTec Bio-Pharmaceuticals Corp., Alberta Craft Cannabis Inc. Grey Bruce Farms Inc., Falcon Ridge Naturals Ltd., Tumbleweed Farms Corp., Zenalytic Laboratories Ltd., and Spectre Labs Inc.

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