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    Expansion, expansion, expansion. Much of the expansion will be completed by early 2019. Expansion completion, and then in business, will increase revenue.

    – TRTC financials in 2019 will increase investor confidence and move PPS substantially.

    — Staggered weekly or bi-weekly harvests (some in Q3, regular ongoing in 2018 Q4 and into 2019)
    — 30,000 sq ft, seeds in ground in NV ALREADY
    — ADDITIONAL 40,000 sq ft cultivation site to be built in NV
    — Reduced costs with seed to sale – no need to buy outsider wholesale
    — New dispensaries complete by Q4 in CA and in NV. Even MORE in 2019
    — Increased extraction
    — Likely CA changes in taxation, home delivery, cracking down on black-market
    — Highly possible changes at federal level in laws, banking, drug schedule. Learn what 280E is and what it will mean when it changes
    — Bi partisan support for federal law changes and drug schedule changes is increasing rapidly now, as meantime more states legalize
    — Nj ready to legalize for recreational use: TRTC well positioned in NJ already
    — New dispensary(s) in NV to replace sold off poorly performing location (Western Ave)
    — Watch for announcements of new locations opening in CA and NV
    — TRTC applying for more licenses than needed in some areas – with eye towards flipping some for profit
    — TRTC entering beverage cannabis market as well

    TRTC has NEVER been better positioned. 2019 is payday for smart investors. Expansion = revenue. 2019 will show SLOWED dilution (depending on how aggressive new expansion is in 2019).

    Take your risks, and then either take your rewards or take your lumps based on your decision. Just don’t be like some people and blame everyone and everything but yourself for your own decisions in life.

    My belief: 2019 will see this investment appreciate –Unlike many other OTC choices that have lost tremendous value.

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    Dan Bunker

    i cant wait until the expansions are finished. i am seeing green

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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