by NCIA’s Human Resources CommitteeKara Bradford of Viridian Staffing, Kerry Arnold of Canndescent, Heidi Quan of Murchison & Cumming LLP, Nichole McIntyre of Urban-Gro,... Committee Blog: The Employee Onboarding Process

by NCIA’s Human Resources Committee
Kara Bradford of Viridian Staffing, Kerry Arnold of Canndescent, Heidi Quan of Murchison & Cumming LLP, Nichole McIntyre of Urban-Gro, Michelle Whitmore of H2 Talent, and Mark Hackett of Emerge Law Group

You’ve found, interviewed, hired the right person for a position in your business, and they have just accepted your job offer. Congratulations! Now what? In the second part of our three-part series, the HR Committee shares insights on the Onboarding of employees. Onboarding new employees can be critical to ensuring happy and productive workers that understand the culture and expectations of your company. Having an organized procedure for bringing on a new hire is crucial for both the company and the new employee. Your company should be as prepared and ready as the new employee is expected to be for their first day. This can be a missed opportunity to make a great impression on your new employee.

In order to help your company with the onboarding process, a new hire checklist can be utilized to help ensure that you are covering all the necessary areas for a successful and smooth entry into your workforce. We have prepared two checklists for the onboard process. One is more administrative in nature while the other is designed to assist managers to help smoothly integrate and transition the new employee into your company. In some companies, a Manager may need to perform the tasks on both checklists if the company does not have an HR Manager.  

HR Manager Checklist

Starting with the HR Manager Checklist, it’s best to make sure that you’ve received a signed offer letter and/or employment agreement prior to the start date being determined. Some companies also prefer not to set a start date until the background check process has completed. Once this is completed, there are a series of steps to take prior to the new employee starting. You may need to order hardware/software, cultivation tools/equipment, etc. On their first day, it’s a best practice to have the worker complete all paperwork, including any W-4 documentation/I-9, etc, prior to starting on the job. We’ve also included instructions for I-9 completion

Data has shown that employees don’t leave companies, they often leave managers; so provide your managers with the resources they need in order to inspire more confidence in the new employee for their manager. If the Manager isn’t the individual filling out the paperwork with the employee, have the manager greet the employee as soon as necessary paperwork is completed. Having a manager focus their attention on a new employee as much as possible during that first day will help to solidify the new employee’s sense of belonging to the organization.  

Employee Onboarding Checklist For Managers

The manager should take time to introduce the new employee to all co-workers and other organizational stakeholders they may interact with while helping to familiarize them with the facility. The manager should then spend time setting/reiterating expectations of what the position entails and conveying any goals/metrics that the employee is required to meet. Finally, the manager should spend time training the new employee and setting them up for success, or delegating this to the appropriate subject matter expert on the team to do this. 

We often have companies tell us they are struggling to retain their employees. By providing an exceptional onboarding experience from the very first day, this will help the new employee to realize you value them and the talents they are bringing to your company, thus helping to feel welcomed and continue their contributions longer to your firm.  

In our next HR Committee Blog Post, we’ll provide a checklist with recommendations on how to handle Terminations.

Download The Onboarding Checklists Here:

HR Manager Checklist

Employee Onboarding Checklist For Managers

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