The cannabis market has seen a large amount of interest over the course of the past several years, but in recent times updates to... Cannabis Continues to Lead Investing Trends

The cannabis market has seen a large amount of interest over the course of the past several years, but in recent times updates to legislation and the changing public perception of cannabis have both contributed to even larger growth in the space overall. Many stocks have been able to move to the forefront of the industry given the developing space, but it still appears as though there is a lot to be done before the market can settle down to the pace of a standard industry.

The company TerrAscend (NASDAQOTH:TRSSF) has been an interesting play in the market due to its standing within the popular Alternative Harvest ETF. The company only makes up around 2% of the portfolio of the ETF, but that equals around $13 million in investment. Although the investment might be small, the gains that the company has amassed are not. The company has seen its stock rise by as much as 128% thus far in 2018 alone. Of course there are reasons behind its meteoric rise, but numbers like that are slightly characteristic of the cannabis space due to its infancy and the high number of innovations going on on a daily basis. Last year, a group of investors decided to buy around 50 million shares of stock in the company with options to buy more at the same price throughout the end of December 2020. The deal helped to give the company a large amount of distribution through various much needed channels which has helped to explain the massive growth represented over the past year or so.

The company Tidal Royalty Group (OTC:TDRYF) has been another player in the cannabis space that has been one of the investments not made into the actual growing of the cannabis plant. According to one report “Their groundbreaking royalty based model provides cannabis entrepreneurs with non-dilutive capital and knowledge on uniquely entrepreneur-friendly terms. Over the course of 2018 Tidal Royalty Corp representatives have been meeting with more than 100 licensed cannabis operators across the United States. They have carefully vetted these enterprises and have already drafted letters of intent for the most promising prospects.” By working to help cannabis businesses grow with their massive network of experience, the company has helped to build some of the larger businesses within the cannabis industry move toward the future. Tidal Royalty remains one of the interesting companies to watch as we move toward the future of the industry.

The last company is one that should be on many investors minds already. The company Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY) has been a player in the cannabis space with an interesting amount of volatility in recent times. As one of the first companies to list on such a prestigious U.S. exchange, many businesses have been tied to Tilray’s value due to its presiding over the whole of the market. The company has seen a large amount of fluctuations in price due to the infancy of the cannabis market, but the hopes are that as legalization continues to hit the space, Tilray will begin to settle down greatly.

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