The marijuana stock market has seen some bearish sentiment in the... Can These 2 Marijuana Stocks Bounce Back

The marijuana stock market has seen some bearish sentiment in the past month or so. While some have seen this as a downside, the truth is that marijuana stocks do go through these fluctuations every now and again. This is a sign of a healthy market, and also points to the infancy of cannabis stocks as a whole.

Volatility is something that some investors look for as it gives both the opportunity to make big gains, but also the potential for losses. All of this depends on one’s strategy overall. These companies, however, have been making innovations for the future. With marijuana stocks growing so quickly, the only way to stay ahead is with the production of new products.

A Marijuana Stock to Watch for the Beginning of August

Ionic Brands Corp. (IONC) (IONKF) is a marijuana stock to watch based out of Washington state that is in production of high-quality cannabis concentrate products. The company has been working to manufacture and distribute their premium products throughout the West Coast.

In a new attempt at expansion, Ionic Brands has been working to move into both California and Oregon as well. These two states could help them to build their portfolio of growing assets moving into the future. The company has a myriad of exciting updates and announcements that should help them to move further into the future.

The Next Move for Ionic Brands Corp.

The company has stated that they plan to move into the cannabis-infused beverage space. By working to acquire various cannabis-infused coffee patents. The goal for the company is to be able to infuse cannabinoids into coffee pods. The cannabis-infused market is subject to reach as much as $4 billion in North America by the end of 2022. This means that there is a large amount of potential for growth moving into the future.

Ionic Brands has one of the only patents for the pod coffee type products in the industry. This puts them in a unique position for starting at the bottom The company has also stated that they plan to move into other markets such as Massachusetts and Arizona which could be a solid move for the next few months. All in all, Ionic Brands is poised for a bright future in the marijuana stock market.

Another Pot Stock to Watch This Week

Acreage Holdings (OTCMKTS:ACRGF) is one of the leading cannabis stocks to watch. The company currently has a buy target of around $18 which is quite low for some investors, but that would represent a 30% gain from where they’re at right now. Research on the company shows that they are poised to take advantage of the growing marijuana industry in a big way.

The company operates cultivation, processing, and sales in around 20 states in the U.S. With over 90 retail licenses, Acreage Holdings presents a broad opportunity for marijuana stock growth overall. The company also has quite a bit of free cash which they will use to continue growing into the near future.

Marijuana Stocks Money

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